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Sunday, March 2, 2014

7 things Sunday

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7 Things I'm grateful for this week.

  1. Another successful Photo Hunt event at Southbank yesterday and meeting a whole stash of awesome new people!
  2. Some amazing yoga classes that I've had during this week. I've loved putting into practice the things I learnt at the workshop I went to last Saturday.
  3. Having an amazing husband, who is so dedicated and supportive of everything I do. I'm eternally grateful for that.
  4. A little bit more sunshine in London this week! YAY SPRING!
  5. Some more Etsy Sales this week - so thankful for the support.
  6. New music on my playlists - will share some soon!
  7. Two new wedding guestbooks that should be arriving this week - it's always so exciting to see the books in print! (And then {obvs} the joy of packaging them up for the brides!)
What have you been grateful for this week?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

7 things Sunday

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Seven things I am looking forward to this coming week:

  1. Early morning yoga. I went to an awesome yoga workshop on Saturday and I can't wait to apply all the new things I have learnt.
  2. Celebrating The Husband's birthday on Tuesday!
  3. Our Second Photo Hunt event on Saturday - you can snap up some tickets on the website. We have some awesome prizes lined up - can't wait!
  4. Sending off new guestbooks to print - I love getting the finished projects back and packaging them up for brides.
  5. Some epic blog posts I have lined up for you!
  6. More reading: I am into some fab books at the moment (two courtesy of Lulu) and another two on the way which I ordered after my yoga workshop-inspiration on Saturday!
and MOST of all.....



Happy Sunday Evening x

Sunday, January 26, 2014


 photo Sunday1_zpsfa77982a.jpg Sundays are lazy days in the Dyer household.

Sometimes we clean stuff, but mostly we just chill on the couch. I'd like to add - that we possibly have the comfiest couch in all the lands. I have, on numerous occasions, tried to fight the urge to fall asleep whilst curled up in the worlds-greatest-couch - movie on TV, blankets for extra coziness, husband for extra warmth, belly full of hot chocolate - but I have yet to succeed. 

Resistance is futile.
 photo Sunday6_zps0d9c8d0a.jpg
Since we usually spend most of Sunday on the world's greatest couch - it often inspires the worlds-greatest conversations:

Me: Wow. Warren. Look at my toes - they are so creepy.
Husband: Yes. They really are.
Me: But look at them - my toes are so long - they could actually be fingers!

 photo sunday2_zps266488fc.jpg

 Yes, I see them - now put your feet away - you're creeping me out.
Me: NO, I think we should see if I can pick things up with my finger-toes - let me try your gown.

 photo sunday4_zps9e685283.jpg photo sunday3_zps5d674740.jpg

Me: Look! Look! I'm doing it! I'm picking up your gown! lol! Imma take a pikcha!
Warr: You are such a creep. Shouldn't you be asleep by now?

* * * * * *
I'm not sure why I decided to tell you that story - it was a lot funnier in my mind


Anywhoo - 7 Awesome things from this week - 
  1. Started Bikram again on Tuesday - and am attempting all sorts of funky-armstands at home.
  2. Sent off some wedding guestbooks to print - so excited for the brides to get their books!
  3. Made some good sales in my Etsy shop
  4. Created a little adventure-hunt to cheer up a one-times sad husband - more details to follow.
  5. Ordered take-away, red wine and watched a movie (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) on Friday night - I fell asleep.
  6. Attended a fab bloggers Prosecco-tasting event hosted by the lovely Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries.
  7. Was super productive - whacked out a bajillion blogposts and didn't fall asleep on the couch.
Ok - I may be bending the truth a little on the last one - but I'm predicting a day of productivity.

let's hold thumbs.... and avoid the couch.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

7 things: Movies and stuff...

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7 Things we've watched this week:

  1. American Hustle - awesome movie, Jennifer Lawrence went from being my hero to my SUPER hero.
  2. Monsters Inc. - whilst lazing on the couch with a snuffly nose and sore throat.
  3. Man versus Food - man. That guy has some SERIOUS cholesterol issues.
  4. Derren Brown (a few episodes) - I am all into the subliminal messaging.
  5. Manchester United versus.... I actually have no idea - I wasn't really paying attention.
  6. Last Vegas - a real feel-gooder! With movie popcorn and all.
  7. The trailer for Wolf of Wall Street - cannot WAIT for that movie to come out! 
Gearing up for a good productive/healthy/get-over-this-damn-cold week!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

7 things Sunday

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7 Awesome things that have happened this week:
  1. The brother arrived for a visit - so lovely to see him!
  2. We got our Christmas tree (I know, but rather late than never) and spent one evening decorating it. I LOVE our tree you guys! Will be posting all about it tomorrow - I can't wait to share it!!
  3. Had one of my most delicious curries on Bricklane - definitely can recommend The Brasserie Curry House - YUMMALICIOUS.
  4. Husband has had most of the week off and it has been SO awesome having some stay-cation with him, and also while the brother has been here!
  5. Spent another day at Winter Wonderland - had so much fun drinking Gluhwein, eating German-inspired food and getting festive!
  6. Warr booked for us to see Cirque Bezerk at The Wonderland - it was amazing! So many talented people and super death-defying stunts - I was literally on the edge of my seat.
  7. Had such fun in Leicester Square for drinks (Warr and I) and dinner at a small Italian place on Friday evening.
  8. Spent Saturday all snug and cozy on the couch, with hot chocolate, blankets, good movies while it rained outside. And some yummy noodle take-aways to round off the whole chilled-out lazy day!
  9. Today we are off together to do some last minute Christmas shopping and tonight we are off to some carol-singing with Warr's sister and little nieces.

I LOVE how easy this list was to write! And yes, I know there are more than 7, but I couldn't help myself with so many awesome things going on at the moment! Damn I love this time of year! Check back for our EPIC Christmas tree tomorrow!

What have you been up to this week?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

7 things I'm grateful for this week!

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7 Things I'm grateful for this week:
  1. An amazing blogging workshop on Saturday hosted by Nuffnang - had the most incredible time and met some awesome new people and loads of new blogs to stalk. #excited
  2. Our date at Winter Wonderland being postponed last night after getting there and seeing the queue to get in stretch half way around Hyde Park. We ended up going out for an awesome Pho Dinner and strolling through Oxford Street looking at all the Christmas lights instead - it was beautiful.
  3. Being in London - there is something so magical about being in London at this time of year. As we were walking down Oxford street looking at all the lights last night - the conversation literally went as follows: "oooh!! aaaah!! oooh!! Magical!! It's so MAGICAL! Ooooh! It's so Magical! Look! It's Magical!! Ooooh!! It's so MAGICAL!" Husband got sick of it after the first 7 minutes.
  4. Husband. At one point in the workshop on Saturday - we began talking about the support of your partner and their involvement in your blog and that the most successful blogs are often the ones who have the full support from their partners. I very nearly burst into tears when I heard that, because I am so grateful to have such a supportive man by my side!
  5. A few more card sales from my newly stocked Etsy shop this week! I still have loads more goodies to upload - but have made a start so far :)
  6. Being surrounded by amazing crafty, creative and inspiring people.
  7. Electric blankets. Viva la being warm!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

7 things

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7 Productive Things from This week

  1. Prepped some more goodies for the market next Saturday (more details to follow)
  2. Signed up with some estate agents in the area. 
  3. Photographed some of my stock for my online store - eeek, exciting!
  4. In spite of the cold - went for a few good runs and a few awesome sessions at the Bikram Yoga studio - am loving it!
  5. Had a proper look at some more "formal business type documents" for indieBerries - will be sharing those soon!
  6. Warren fixed his bicycle. I drafted a few blog posts for the coming week.
  7. I am planning to do a market table set-up test run this afternoon. (after the rugby, OBVIOUSLY.)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 things Sunday

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7 Things I'm grateful for this week:

  1. A fabulous turn out and very positive response for our very first Photo Hunt event!
  2. Meeting new like-minded and inspiring individuals.
  3. A list of fabulous new blogs to follow, following from the photo hunt.
  4. The clocks turning back today - basically I just scored an extra hour.
  5. Delicious chocolatey donuts and a mug of boiling hot chocolate. Ok, I'm joking, I don't really have either of those... but I am hoping that husband (who is sleeping on the couch) will wake up, read this very soon and HOOK A SISTA UP. *nudge.
  6. I'm really enjoying all the autumn-ish colours that are around these days in London.
  7. Lots of exciting new projects, events and opportunities that are all just starting to take shape! 
What have you been grateful for this week?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

7 Things Sunday

whatif photo whatif.jpg

7 Things from the week that passed:
  1. Arrived back in SA for a holiday with the fam (and to sort out UK visa admin - after this trip home I will be entering the UK on a spousal visa)
  2. Watched the "Now you see me" movie on the plane flight over - you should watch it, it's good. (I almost tapped the person next to me to tell him to tune in - so that I could have someone to watch it with me. Eventually decided I didn't want to be that gal, so I watched it alone and had post movie analysis conversation with myself, in my head.)
  3. Went shopping with my mom, bought nothing. What is wrong with me?
  4. Had a breakfast date with Keri and Andrea and met the cutest little baby
  5. Had a sushi-take-away feast with the folks in the lounge :)
  6. Took a weekend trip with the folks up to the little brother's new bachelor pad and had a family weekend trip to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve.
  7. Have been missing the husband who is currently in Botswana on a fishing trip with his dad. He is in a very remote area: no signal, no internet and no wifi in general. It's like he did it on purpose.
    (He told me before he left that Prince Harry actually visits the same fishing boat that he and his dad go on - because you can really just "get away from it all". They henceforth name the boat-toilet the "royal throne". Husband's bum has been on the same toilet as Prince Harry's bum! You GUYS!! That is something!)

7 "business-y/blog" related things from the week that passed:
  1. Did my first "main sponsor" solo cartoon post for this month's sponsor - Midlands Musings.
  2. Signed up for my first market - which will take place in November in London! EEk!
  3. Related: I am in the process of sending off for my first (BIG) batch of "doodle books" to print - more to follow.
  4. Have had a few more "designer/creative" ideas which I hope to get ready before the market! I will be sharing more of them as I get them finished and ready to go!
  5. Have been chatting to the new indieBerries web-coder, still a little way to go but hopefully will be launching on the new site soon- can't wait to show you all the MAGIC!
  6. The wedding guest books that I designed for our wedding were featured on Southbound Bride this week - go have a look!
  7. Have really been enjoying having sponsors on indieBerries - it's been awesome getting to know some new blogs that are lurking about in the internet!
  8. One more week to sign up for The Photo Hunt! So excited and we've had such a good turn out! It's going to be such fun! Go grab your ticket here!

OK, that's 8.

Whatever, I blame the jetlag.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

7 things Sunday

whatif photo whatif.jpg

Seven Things from the week:

  1. Had a Sunday Bake-off: Pancakes, Bacon and Maple Syrup.
  2. Watched husband waltz around the lounge, in his pyjamas, by himself.
    like actual waltzing.
  3. Ran a sneaky mid-week 10km
  4. Watched as husband took on the Red Dog Saloon (hottest-chili-in-the-world) Wings Challenge - more to follow.
  5. Had my face appear on Nubby Twiglet's blog - *dies* 
  6. Have had a strange longing to do a jigsaw puzzle. It must be the weather. 
  7. Getting ready to launch some exciting new projects next week! Look out for it!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

7 things lately

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7 Things lately:
  1. I've recently opened up indieBerries for sponsorship - and I'm SO excited to have my first new sponsors! Not only to be able to introduce you to some awesome new blogs/products/people, but also because it allows me to take indieBerries more seriously in terms of a business - which is the perfect pre-runner to the launch of my online store - coming soon! So take a few moments to click over some of the blog sponsors this month - I'm super excited about them all!
  2. Latest genius-invention-idea that I had at 4am: edible washi tape. For cupcake decorating, macaroon topping and for making cakes beautiful. So someone get on that - And you can just send me a cheque for my cut.
  3. Have filmed my first video for a potential indieBerries YouTube series... haha - more on that to follow.
  4. We had french toast, grilled banana, bacon, blue cheese and maple syrup for brunch. Delicious. And totally calorie free.
  5. I'm busy working on some free resource downloads for bloggers - which should be ready next week - so there's something you can look forward to!
  6. Husband: "Let's talk goal-setting today. And hopefully there will be some goals at 3:30" So it looks like we'll be watching the Manchester United game this afternoon.
  7. Yep, it's official - I married my Phil Dunphy.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

7 Things Sunday

whatif photo whatif.jpg

7 things we've done this weekend -
  1. Had an awesome dinner with family-in-laws - good food, good wine, good tunes, good banter. Husband's folks left London this morning to head onward with their more tropical travels.
  2. I got pranked properly by the Dyer Clan - more to follow.
  3. I spent the good part of Sunday morning finishing up some stuff for The Blogcademy that I'm attending this week - so excited! Can't wait to show you what I've been working on. 
  4. Husband shouted at the TV a lot. Something, something, football.
  5. We carried a massive couch up two flights of stairs into our apartment - PIVOT style. I would have taken some photos - but then the whole couch would have ended up on Warren's head - because as you can imagine, I was doing ALL the heavy lifting.
  6. I got some lovely flowers from the man - that's nice.
  7. .... And now we are about to enjoy some delish indian curry and a movie on tv - in our fancy huge couch, of course.
 photo photo_zps30fb5ca0.jpg
Above: Husband piggy-backing the old couch. 
(don't fear - the couch we carried UP the stairs to replace it - was four times the size.)

Me: Why are you doing that?
Husband: Because I can.

Fair Enough.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

7 Things

whatif photo whatif.jpg

7 things that happened this week
  1. Had to cancel my UK spousal visa appointment on account of general company uselessness. (More on that to follow) but I have a new appointment with the embassy on Tuesday - then I can finally be off to join le husband in London - HOORAY!
  2. Visited an awesome new market at the Dun Robin Garden Centre on Town Bush Road on Saturday. The next market is on May 25 - whack it in your diary.
  3. Started wading through the thousands and thousands of friends and family wedding pics.
  4. Had dinner with a friend - where we smashed an entire family-sized pudding between us.
  5. Thought about exercising. 
  6. Took a nap.
  7. Sunday Family Midlands Meandering - The Pizza Place at the Piggly Wiggly.
 photo photo1_zps3908697c.jpg  photo photo3_zps85609786.jpg  photo photo4_zps1564d2c2.jpg  photo photo2_zpsdc73704b.jpg

Have you been up to anything exciting this week?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

{sunday} 7 things

whatif photo whatif.jpg

7 random things I must do before the wedding - 

  1. Save all the pictures from my iPhone onto my computer. Then delete them from my iPhone so that iPhone can be dished out to cousin/brother/friend/bridesmaiden to take random wedding snaps with. 
  2. Do the same above with SLR camera memory card.
  3. Pay deposit to weather gods for a gloriously sunny and warm day.
  4. Do not forget to buy pens for guests to sign the guestbook. Because a guestbook without a pen - well that's just pointless.
  5. Write a wedding speech in which I thank my mom's guillotine and the industrial strength glue gun.
  6. Stock up on all forms of Melatonin, Vitamin B, Rescue drops and Champagne - for good measure.
  7. Organise flower girl shoes, bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, wedding transport, cake, cake knife, song list to DJ, UK visa admin, Friday night dinner - cutlery, crockery, food, drinks etc, Sunday morning breakfast, wedding schedule to MC, wedding schedule to bridesmaids, dress fittings, bridesmaids hair, junior bridal party dresses, flowers for flower girls, ceremony vows, ID information to minister, groomsmen lapels, buy film, music and hymn sheet to organist, men's favours, practise wedding dance, book hi-lights, waxing etc, confirm with videographer and photographer, meet with caterer, finish church programs, table seating, print table seating plan,  get a tan.

    ok so, more than 7 then.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

{Sunday} 7 things

whatif photo whatif.jpg

7 things I've done this week
  1. Flown across the world (London > South Africa) in preparation of the one month count-down to THE BIG DAY. And of course I have a plane story. I always have a plane story
  2. Went out to dinner with the family - one of the last times as a Miss Kershaw.
  3. Been to the dentist - one of my favourite activities of all time.
  4. Finalised our wedding seating chart. No. No we haven't done that. (Ahem Warren). Also ahem to those who haven't RSVP'd yet.... are you IN or are you OUT? Make a choice, people.
  5. Have been re-acquainted with Futurelife - oh you are so delicious. 
  6. Have had many in-depth conversations regarding our fallen hero Oscar.
  7. Have been awake since 4:30 this morning - staring at the ceiling. This wedding biznizz is no joke, people. No. Joke. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

7 Things Sunday

Yes, I know it's not Sunday - but there are a lot of readers who have emailed to say how much they love this feature and my weekends are generally so filled with doing "stuff" that I don't often get time to sit down at my computer to blog. So I'm posting my 7 Things Sunday today - because I like to live on the edge like that.

Seven Random Factoids of my life.
  1. In all our 6/7 plus years of (on/off/long distance/short distance/very long distance/yes/no/its for the best etc) dating history, Warren and I have never ever been "together" on Valentines Day. This year is a first. And we just so happen to be engaged too. ha.
  2. I make up my own words a lot. Warren does too. It's basically a whole new language. Which is great for when Warren and I are simultaneously abducted by Federal Agents and we need to devise an escape plan which they won't understand. We got this.
  3. I don't usually gamble - but Warren and I did buy a fancy scratch card on the weekend - and WE WON 10 POUNDS! Which is excellent considering that's what the scratch card cost.
  4. I love traveling on public transport: buses, trains, subways - especially for long journeys. I find it completely therapeutic and it's a great place to people watch.
  5. I love public speaking. Which is partly due to the fact that I'm a self-proclaimed "natural born entertainer" - which is the mantra that I repeated to everyone on Friday night after two glasses of champagne. 
  6. There are a few things in life I absolutely hate: shallow cereal bowls, (NO. no-body wants to eat cereal from a plate?! what is wrong with you?!), frogs (I'd rather be attacked by a snake) and Papyrus font - which is even more vile than comic sans.
  7. I have only very recently perfected the art of the boiled egg. Call me a chef or what.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

7 things

7 things I've done this week

  1. Flew to London to visit my very handsome Fiance. (Woooop!)
  2. Sat next to a creep on the plane. (Story of my life) Cartoon to follow.
  3. Went out together with The Warr to start our wedding registry in central London - fun.
  4. Finally got to see one of the "things" that I had made and ordered and delivered to London, for our wedding - can't elaborate too much on it now, but - it's awesome :) (Warren concurs).
  5. Thought about buying a razor to shave my legs, but I forgot. (Warren does not concur).
  6. Ate some delicious Moroccan Chicken and fiery tomato soup and some amazing seared tuna. Also - drank some delicious red wine and 
  7. Pre-registered to some upcoming festivals for the year.

    London, it's good to be back,
    Now how's about a little more snow?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Seven Things I've done this week  
  1. Finished, addressed and sent out most of our wedding invites...Woop! (And I'm keen to share our Save the Dates next week)
  2. Started designing wedding menus, name cards and other wedding related paper-goods.
  3.  Went to watch Playing for Keeps with my fam (Les Miserables was sold out - but we have booked for Tuesday).
  4. Ate delicious oxtail soup, Moroccan Butternut and chickpea soup and a spicy lentil wrap.
  5. Took my brother out to coffee.
  6. Started working in Illustrator again - my lesser choice of Adobe Suite programs.
  7. Watched (in the background whilst working) the Lance Armstrong interview. Eish.

    What have you done this week?

Sunday, January 6, 2013


A little while ago I used to blog a regular feature called 7 Things Sunday and over the weeks/months it has fallen by the wayside a little bit. This year I want to bring it back as a regular feature - 7 things Sunday: featuring 7 random things from the week that has passed.
Even although indieBerries is a personal blog it is not as personal as other blogs in the blogosphere and I have decided that this year I am going to reserve the weekends for more "personal" related blogposts. 7 Things Sunday being one of the "personal-weekend" categories and I would like to introduce two new personal categories which will feature on the weekends: Awkwardly Lately and Sunday Stories.
Sunday Stories: 
Alternating with 7 Things Sunday, Sunday Stories will be some or other personal story/event/happening/musing from my mind: Sometimes it will be funny, sometimes it won't be and most likely it will be completely random.
Awkwardly Lately:
I haven't yet set a specific day for this to feature since I have a feeling it will become quite popular -  who doesn't want to hear about the awkward things of (my) little human life? I will start it out on the weekends and see how it goes. Below is a little sample of each kind of feature (they won't usually all feature on the same day, but they might) - so check back for more of the same next week:


  1. Today is exactly three months until the big wedding day.
  2. There is not much that rhymes with Saturday. Fairy on the other hand has approximately 229 results. 
  3. Twitter is now trying a bit too hard to be like Instagram, Facebook is trying a bit too hard to be like Twitter, Google + is trying a bit too hard to be like Facebook and Photobucket is trying a bit too hard to be like Instagram. Stop that you guys.
  4. Special K with sliced almonds and hot milk, is probably one of the most delicious things.
  5. I started a little web-coding course this past week. Let's see how long it lasts before I get all WTF  HTML?!
  6. Sunny weather makes for happy people.
  7. I haven't cartooned too much lately (TIME! WEDDING! DEATH!) but I do have a fun one coming up next week....


  • Having exactly three months to go until your wedding and you still haven't finalised your guestlist. Funzies
  • Declining social events and dinner with friends because you have recently learned the cost of a UK spousal visa (R12 900). Have now resorted to a diet of cardboard and other "found objects" such as garden snails and bugs.
  • Arriving at a friends family house on New Years day for a big family/friend braai and taking yourself off to sleep (the whole day) because you perhaps had too much fun on New Years Eve.
  • Seeing yourself being plagiarised word-for-word on another blog - by a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. 

Sigh. Am suddenly realising just exactly how much there is to do for the wedding still: finishing the invitations, addressing envelopes, posting invites, designing church programs, church hymns, printing menus, organising bridesmaids dresses, table seatings, name cards, speeches, vows, flower-girl dresses, organising a registry, flowers, wedding favours, hair and make-up trials, wedding dress, confirming with vendors and not to forget that we've been engaged now for 9 months and I've left these all to the last three. well done self. well. done.

*logs off to go relax by the pool*

Sunday, August 12, 2012

7 things

 7 things that are sitting on my desk right now -
  1. Omega 3 Fish Oil tablets and Pure Cod Liver Oil tablets. We're so healthy.
  2. My attempt at a crochet project - which I will share on the blog soon.
  3. SLR camera with some awesome snaps from our trip to Portabella Road market yesterday
  4. Some gorgeous roses from the lovely Warren
  5. Envelopes for our Save the Dates and Wedding invites.
  6. A big fat lock that we are taking to our engagement shoot this afternoon with Anneli Marinovich this afternoon - yay!
  7. Polaroids from some party-parties.