Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kristi Cupcakes

My happy earthling friend Kristi recently celebrated her birthday. Kristi makes gorgeous felted goods to sell in her ETSY STORE so for her birthday I wrapped up some buttons and beads and bits n pieces so that she can have lots of inspiration. I made some pretty "compliment cards" /gift tags to put on her gifts. They came out very beautifully :) If you'd like a set - email me about it and I will send you a copy. for free. I'm nice like that.

Send me an email and get a free set of these gift tags to use in your creative wrapping whims or be inspired and create your own set of compliment cards to be used on any occasion.


Kate said...

allo Miss Indie
Is there anyway for you to send me the gorgeous "you are lovely' "your laughter is magical" etc tags?  Im not sure if those are the ones you are referring too but i LOVE em!

Che Kershaw said...

Hi Kate - you can download the compliment cards here - Enjoy! :)