Thursday, May 1, 2014


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If I told you that this has been in progress for close on three years, I would not be lying. In 2010, I began this process - there has been changes and reverts and new ideas and different platforms and backwards and forwards and backwards and backwards. I have been mocking layouts and designs and backwards and forwards and backwards and backwards for close on three years. This project has changed hands and developers and platforms more times than I can count. There has always something holding this project from launching.

A little while ago, I went to an HIIT training workshop with Kim Ingleby (Team GB trainer and woman extraordinaire) - in her workshop she said something that hit me between the eyeballs like a ton of bricks.

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Exactly like that. A phrase that hit me smack in the face.

To grossly paraphrase the words of Kim (sorry Kim):

 photo launch5_zps5f746ba5.jpg

And just like that, I realised.

It's not the wrong platform that's been stopping me, or the logo that's not quite right, or the layout that's not quite perfect, or the three years of backwards and forwards, or the things I still need to figure out, or the categories I still need to finalise, or the sections I still need to work on - none of those things is what has been holding it back. It's me. I have been holding my own self back.

When I attended The Blogcademy last year, I heard, "Perfection is procrastination" It's absolutely true. And it all ties back to the same thing: everything is a work in progress so  -

Just DO that thing you've been wanting to do.


So.... over the last little while, I have been working tirelessly with the amazing guys from Class Castle - a start up web design and development agency, to create something that is awesome, that is indieBerries, that resonates everything I want to do and the vibe that I am. It showcases more than just a blog. Because I am more than just a blogger: I am a designer, an illustrator, a shop owner; a book creator, a service provider, a cartoonist, a story teller. I am fun, I am quirky; I am all that is indieBerries.

I have a SUPER exciting announcement to make about a new partnership with indieBerries and Class Castle and an incredible giveaway that we will be hosting soon. But more on that to come.

For now.... without further waffling, I'd like to introduce you to

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Blogspot

 Dear Blogspot,

Over the past four years or so, you have welcomed me with open arms to the world of blogging.
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You were easy. You held my hand and gently helped me figure out this crazy world of "blogging" that was so new to me. You weren't fussy, you weren't complicated and neurotic. You were simple, you were friendly. It was easy-going and we got along like a house on fire. We clicked like a new-home-owner-browsing Pinterest. Yes, there were those moments when you annoyed the crap out of me - but every new relationship has it's glitches woudn't you say?

 photo Dearblogspot3_zps32aecab7.jpg

Yet, you hung around, dear old blogspot, and guided me through the stormy seas of blogging. You've opened up doors to me that I never even knew possible. You gave me the platform to build the most incredible community of support, through your platform I have made incredible friends with people all around the world, I have connected with people online and off. You powered me through winning two different categories at The South African Blog awards. It is through this tiny blogspot, that I have featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Seventeen Magazine and various other print publications around the country. You have inspired me to launch an online store. You were there when I first opened up indieBerries to sponsorship

 photo Dearblogspot1_zps49609628.jpg
You have inspired me to follow what my heart is telling me to do. You have given me a network of people who I feel are cheering me on, and that is something that I be forever grateful to you, humble blogspot. You have given me dreams, you have given me wings.

 photo dearblogspot_zpsc196686f.jpg

But now, tiny blogspot, my wings have grown too big for this little space. You see - I am more than this blog. I am more than these daily ramblings and funny cartoons: I have services to offer; I have products to launch; I have talent to show; I have advice to give; I have stories to tell; I have laughs to procure; I have cartoons to create; I have wit to share.

I have dreams to chase.

And now -  it's time for me to say goodbye to you Blogspot. I will miss you. I will miss your big bright orange smiley face, I will miss your comfort and old familiarity. You are all I have known in this crazy blogging world and you've shown me an amazing time. Of course I am scared to leave you, to go out on my own... but it's time for me to move forward, onward, upward to greater things.

I'm letting you go soon - because you're not right for me any more.
We've outgrown each other - you and I, and no hard feelings tiny blogspot -

 it's not you -
It's me.

On that note.... some big and exciting announcements coming this week everyone! Stay tuned!

Monday, April 28, 2014

My first Reiki Experience.

When The Warr and I were back in South Africa, I booked in to have my first ever Reiki experience with Colleen at Midlands House of Healing. If you read Midlands Musings, you may have heard Keri mention her before as her "earth angel". So, given my newfound love for yoga/meditation/chakras etc I was super keen to give it a try. And by "super keen" I mean, I TOTES had my skeptical boots on. In fact, I think I must have been the worst kind of client. (More to follow on that)

The first thing I noticed when we drove up to Colleen's home and treatment area was the incredible setting - it's like an oasis sanctuary in the middle of nowhere - and everything in the air just feels so peaceful. It was the first time I had met Colleen, so as you can imagine, I wasn't too sure what to expect or how this whole "reiki business" was going to work. ie:

 photo reiki13_zps6a8bb38e.jpg
Colleen is so friendly and easy to talk to and she told me to ask any questions I wanted to - she is also a total hugger (which I generally feel are the best kind of people to surround yourself with). The session started with a combination massage which was awesome - super relaxing - although given that I knew we had the reiki to follow, I kept having to ask, "Should I be doing something? What should I be doing? Am I doing it right?"  The answer of course is just to chill out and let Colleen get on with what she does best.

After the massage, we moved onto "the interesting stuff" as Colleen put it. The first thing she did was to explain to me that she was going to use a pendulum to see what the different energy zones in my body were doing. (ENTER SKEPTICAL BOOTS).

 photo reiki10_zps4aeb5dd7.jpg
She explained that within our bodies there are different energies zones (or chakras- which I've actually mentioned in this post) when energy is flowing freely the pendulum will swing in circles, when the energy is blocked - or not flowing very freely, it will swing in a straight line. After the first couple of minutes, Colleen told me that my Throat Chakra was closed. Which is exactly the same chakra I was drawn to when I picked my chakra necklace based on the symbol only (in this post). It is also the same answer that I got when I did the chakra personality test online.

("fair enough" said SKEPTICAL BOOTS, "Colleen probably read that on my blog somewhere") but then almost straight away she moved the pendulum over my Heart Chakra and it started swinging in huge gigantic circles meaning that it is has a very strong flow of energy. I had not mentioned this ever before (or even in the previous blog post - I checked), but when I did the online chakra test months previously, it told me that my Heart Chakra was the strongest of all the zones in my body.

Colleen went through the other different zones in my body to get a general idea of which parts needed healing. After getting an entire picture she then sends her reiki to heal those parts of you that need it. I'm not going to go into the finer details of my experience, but I will say that my SKEPTICAL BOOTS are definitely off and I have never experienced such a feeling of calm. After the session, Colleen came and put her hand on my shoulder and started explaining things to me about this previous year, how I have been feeling in my heart and my mind and things that there is no possible way she could know.
 photo reiki1_zpsd62fe2fa.jpg  photo reiki2_zps82f4a282.jpg  photo reiki3_zpsb6d444b6.jpg  photo reiki4_zpsd09575dd.jpg  photo reiki5_zps5a1fedce.jpg  photo reiki6_zpsd9a8a387.jpg  photo reiki7_zps135b3bcf.jpg

but not like sad hysterical crying - more like emotional information overload crying.
In a good way.

 photo reiki8_zpsbc9093ce.jpg  photo reiki9_zps16cd8c03.jpg
I left that session feeling very renewed and refreshed and super light, like I can't even explain.
  photo reiki11_zps0a426477.jpg
It is safe to say that my extreme skepticism, (ie: "How do I know you aren't swinging that pendulum? How did you train to become a reiki-healer? What do you mean Empath? Please explain that again.) has been completely overridden. I can't wait to go back.

 photo reiki12_zpsbc1f2254.jpg
If you are in the Midlands (or even if you're not, I'd suggest making a trip) Colleen is lovely and her sessions will leave you feeling glowing inside and out.

Check out the Midlands House of Healing Facebook Page or email Colleen on to make an appointment!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Styled Shoot Photographer: Kelly Daniels

 Kelly Daniels is the third and final (sniff) of the amazing photographer-talents that we had at our Vintage Vineyard Styled shoot at Abingdon Wine Estate in March. Can you tell how I've tried to draw these posts out as long as possible - because after this one I have no more bride and groom photos to show you of husband and I! But for today - allow your eyes to take in ALL the amazing beauty through the lens of

 photo 20140325-IMG_2970-2_zpse7e9ef13.jpg

I think this is my favourite snap of all - probably because it's one of the ones that is least likely to ever age us. Does that make sense? Anywhoo... I think this pic is absolutely gorgeous! It's definitely a framer. Like, canvas style "framer". Like canvas above our bed framer. (As you can tell, I've plotted the whole thing out already. lol)

 photo 20140325-IMG_2929_zps8d8a15bd.jpg  photo 20140325-IMG_3139_zps90c14b99.jpg  photo 20140325-IMG_2990_zpsac3512e9.jpg

Kelly is one of those people who is just instantly likeable. In the first three seconds of meeting her you feel like you've known her for 20 years. And there is nothing better for feeling relaxed in front of the camera on your wedding day, than feeling like you're just hanging out with one of your best friends. And if that isn't enough to convince you - her photographs in all their natural beauty speak exquisitely for themselves -

 photo 20140325-IMG_2963_zps2dec7e07.jpg
LOVE this shot!!
(like LUUUUURVE love)

and the one below too - 

 photo 20140325-IMG_3080-2_zps096b774a.jpg

Kelly is also has a very natural and easy way of guiding you into poses that are most flattering to your body. (I remember her telling me to bend my arm slightly in the above picture - way more flattering than a stick straight arm!) Her super friendly and easy-going disposition make you feel so relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera  so all she has to really do is finely tweak how you are naturally interacting to play up your most flattering sides - and the results are stunning, natural gorgeous pics!

 photo 20140325-IMG_3110-2_zps77c21ec4.jpg
 photo 20140325-IMG_3070_zpsf22cc530.jpg
You can attribute my flawless face (and hair) to Kym and Me Make up -Kym was super good at recommending products specifically for our needs. (She actually recommended a foundation to me which I went out and bought and I absolutely LOVE it! {Estee Lauder Double Wear, FYI} high five Kym - thank you!)
 photo 20140325-IMG_2919_zps5d810c94.jpg
 photo styledshoot3_zps266b2d16.jpg

Kelly's easy-going and friendly vibe makes it easy to see why Kelly is such a phenomenal child and baby photographer (take a look at the photos of these kids  to see what I mean... absolutely STUNNING. Geez, I feel like framing them and I don't even KNOW those kids. While I'm on the topic - also have a look at the birth shoot that Kelly did for our other Styled Shooter, Eileen Laubscher.) {NB NOTE TO SELF: Make friends with a photographer so that it's not at all creepy when you ask them to shoot you giving birth}

 photo 20140325-IMG_3272_zpsf0fac42f.jpg
Our little picnic session in the tent was so much fun and Kelly Captured all the happy energy perfectly!
 photo 20140325-IMG_3344_zps41c087b4.jpg photo 20140325-IMG_3332_zps873e469a.jpg
I'm not sure how it's even possible, but the rich colours of Kelly's editing - make these cakes look even MORE delicious. This picture looks perfectly lickable, wouldn't you say? Go ahead and try it - I won't tell a soul.

 photo 20140325-IMG_3325_zps5bd97e31.jpg photo styledshoot2_zpsd6136ce3.jpg  photo 20140325-IMG_3572_zps89c71822.jpg   photo 20140325-IMG_3563_zpsf61fb6ae.jpg  photo 20140325-IMG_3532_zpse052d3ca.jpg

How gorgeous is this yellow dress from The Love Bucket?!
I honestly felt like some kind of Greecian Goddess in it!

 photo 20140325-IMG_3511_zpsc8d296ff.jpg

The light in these photographs is incredible. It's like everything has the most amazing glow.

 photo 20140325-IMG_3468_zps529f8da3.jpg
 photo 20140325-IMG_3520_zps6c724b07.jpg
Kelly, thank you so much for taking the time out to shoot some snaps for us - it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and you are so much fun to be around! Warr and I are SO grateful to have such beautiful "wedding" shots and I will definitely be hounding you for some high res pics to blow up onto canvas! Your work is beautiful. Thank you so much!

Other awesome suppliers involved in the shoot - 

Venue: Jane – Abingdon Wine Estate 
Stationers: Liesel & Birgitta – Glee Projects
Dresses:  Stacey – Love Bucket
Tent: Tammy – Midlands Stretch Tents
Make up & Hair: Kym – Kym & me
Cake: Taryn – Smiths Bake shop
Videographer:  Wes – The Shank Tank

Bookmark Kelly's stuff for when you are getting married (or about to give birth) 
her stuff is amazing!! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Project Launch: indieLoveBooks

 photo IMG_5132_zps575bc605.jpg

You guys! I am bursting with excitement to announce the launch of my new project - indieLoveBooks! For a while now, I have been creating bespoke wedding guestbooks for brides "on the sly" - I say "on the sly", because really I had no website, no marketing focus, no real action plan - all I had was beautiful guestbooks and word of mouth from the few who had seen them featured, either here on indieBerries or from the gorgeous Gaby over at Southbound Bride, and had decided to email me on a whim to see if I would make one for them.

I mocked up some pinterest boards for the exact look and feel I wanted for this new site and enlisted the awesome services of one of The Photo Hunt co-founders, Bobbi - from Ready to Blog. I can totally recommend her services - she is super efficient and will create an awesome blog/site for you based on exactly what you want and need! Below is the moodboard she concocted!
  photo ilb-brand-3_zpsee8d1cb4.png
 photo IMG_5124_zps28ff0795.jpg photo back_zps35e61172.jpg
I wanted to create an entirely separate website space for this project (and not just include it as part of indieBerries) because I feel that I will better be able to target it to the correct audience. The indieBerries style is fun, quirky, cartoonish and whacky. indieLoveBooks is the more sophisticated, and refined older sister. That is not to say that indieLoveBooks do not have their own cheeky charm. Each of these books feature quirky questions for guests to answer - which make them not only a gorgeous coffee-table keepsake, but really fun and entertaining for guests to write in! I can guarantee that you will LOVE the creativity that your guests produce!

 photo FreeSpace_zpsde76b958.jpg
Above: from our guest book, in the "Free Space" block, "Wow!! This is an intimidating space!!
I feel naked in here!!..."

Don't you just love it?

 photo OpenBook_zpsfeee6e4b.jpg

Each indieLoveBook can be tailored to your specific needs - if you would like to include photos, memories and a story from your engagement, or a few pages introducing your bridal party to all your guests, or even just some travel stories and photos from your time together - we can work together to create a bespoke guestbook that is exactly what you want.

 photo backlogo_zps7e989cb8.jpg

Why indieLoveBooks?
I could've called this new venture "Bespoke Wedding guestbooks" or "Gorgeous Guestbooks" or something similar, but I wanted to keep a small connection to indieBerries -which has had such a profound impact on my life. I also genuinely believe that these books are far more than just "a guestbook". In the book that I created for our own wedding, I included photographs from the very first night we met, photographs and memories from travels we did together over the years, photographs from the night we got engaged, and photos from our London engagement shoot. The book we created is a keepsake book of the story of our entire relationship - and not only will we have all those memories preserved forever, but it now also includes messages, wishes and notes of love and advice from all our closest friends and family from the day we became husband and wife.

 photo nikkitrav2_zps0712e0dd.jpg

It has been so special creating these indieLoveBooks for happy brides - I have loved being part of such a special celebration and seeing their stories through the photographs and memories they send me and I'm so excited to launch it into a fully fledged wing of the "indie Empire". If you would like to see more about the books - pop over to the brand new indieLoveBooks Website!

 photo sunlightshot_zps65d3843e.jpg

Just this week, I have finished creating a guestbook for an Australian bride, getting married in Hawaii at the end of the month - she emailed me yesterday to say,
Brilliant. Thank you. Yep last minute is the case as we just went to another wedding on the weekend and took some ideas. However I'm pretty positive our guest book is better. I've never seen a guest book like the ones you do. They are so much more personal and definitely one we will leave out for people to read when at home. 

Get in touch if you'd like a quote!