Monday, April 28, 2014

My first Reiki Experience.

When The Warr and I were back in South Africa, I booked in to have my first ever Reiki experience with Colleen at Midlands House of Healing. If you read Midlands Musings, you may have heard Keri mention her before as her "earth angel". So, given my newfound love for yoga/meditation/chakras etc I was super keen to give it a try. And by "super keen" I mean, I TOTES had my skeptical boots on. In fact, I think I must have been the worst kind of client. (More to follow on that)

The first thing I noticed when we drove up to Colleen's home and treatment area was the incredible setting - it's like an oasis sanctuary in the middle of nowhere - and everything in the air just feels so peaceful. It was the first time I had met Colleen, so as you can imagine, I wasn't too sure what to expect or how this whole "reiki business" was going to work. ie:

 photo reiki13_zps6a8bb38e.jpg
Colleen is so friendly and easy to talk to and she told me to ask any questions I wanted to - she is also a total hugger (which I generally feel are the best kind of people to surround yourself with). The session started with a combination massage which was awesome - super relaxing - although given that I knew we had the reiki to follow, I kept having to ask, "Should I be doing something? What should I be doing? Am I doing it right?"  The answer of course is just to chill out and let Colleen get on with what she does best.

After the massage, we moved onto "the interesting stuff" as Colleen put it. The first thing she did was to explain to me that she was going to use a pendulum to see what the different energy zones in my body were doing. (ENTER SKEPTICAL BOOTS).

 photo reiki10_zps4aeb5dd7.jpg
She explained that within our bodies there are different energies zones (or chakras- which I've actually mentioned in this post) when energy is flowing freely the pendulum will swing in circles, when the energy is blocked - or not flowing very freely, it will swing in a straight line. After the first couple of minutes, Colleen told me that my Throat Chakra was closed. Which is exactly the same chakra I was drawn to when I picked my chakra necklace based on the symbol only (in this post). It is also the same answer that I got when I did the chakra personality test online.

("fair enough" said SKEPTICAL BOOTS, "Colleen probably read that on my blog somewhere") but then almost straight away she moved the pendulum over my Heart Chakra and it started swinging in huge gigantic circles meaning that it is has a very strong flow of energy. I had not mentioned this ever before (or even in the previous blog post - I checked), but when I did the online chakra test months previously, it told me that my Heart Chakra was the strongest of all the zones in my body.

Colleen went through the other different zones in my body to get a general idea of which parts needed healing. After getting an entire picture she then sends her reiki to heal those parts of you that need it. I'm not going to go into the finer details of my experience, but I will say that my SKEPTICAL BOOTS are definitely off and I have never experienced such a feeling of calm. After the session, Colleen came and put her hand on my shoulder and started explaining things to me about this previous year, how I have been feeling in my heart and my mind and things that there is no possible way she could know.
 photo reiki1_zpsd62fe2fa.jpg  photo reiki2_zps82f4a282.jpg  photo reiki3_zpsb6d444b6.jpg  photo reiki4_zpsd09575dd.jpg  photo reiki5_zps5a1fedce.jpg  photo reiki6_zpsd9a8a387.jpg  photo reiki7_zps135b3bcf.jpg

but not like sad hysterical crying - more like emotional information overload crying.
In a good way.

 photo reiki8_zpsbc9093ce.jpg  photo reiki9_zps16cd8c03.jpg
I left that session feeling very renewed and refreshed and super light, like I can't even explain.
  photo reiki11_zps0a426477.jpg
It is safe to say that my extreme skepticism, (ie: "How do I know you aren't swinging that pendulum? How did you train to become a reiki-healer? What do you mean Empath? Please explain that again.) has been completely overridden. I can't wait to go back.

 photo reiki12_zpsbc1f2254.jpg
If you are in the Midlands (or even if you're not, I'd suggest making a trip) Colleen is lovely and her sessions will leave you feeling glowing inside and out.

Check out the Midlands House of Healing Facebook Page or email Colleen on to make an appointment!

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