Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vintage Vineyard Styled Shoot - Meet the Photographers

 As you may know, Warr and I were so lucky to have small "second shot" at wedding photos at the Vintage Vineyard Styled Shoot that we did in March at Abingdon Wine Estate. Not only did we have one talented photographer to snap a few pics of us in our wedding gear - but three extremely talented and creative ladies to capture the day.

It's been so incredible to finally see a "proper" picture of Warren and I as we were on our wedding day! (In fact, between you and me, I may have had a small fraction of a tear when the first photos started coming through). Granted, my wedding dress has shrunk a bit, and we are definitely more "London-skinned" than we were a year ago - but these incredible photographers managed to capture so much love and excitement in their shots - that if you didn't know any better - you would think this was our actual wedding. We know that we will never again be able to capture ALL THE FEELINGS that you have on your wedding day, but, maybe - it's a blessing to have this shoot one year on - to remind us to rekindle those feelings as often as we can. After all, 'the wedding' is just one step in the very long journey of marriage.

We are so incredibly grateful to these three ladies for taking the time out to organise this awesome styled shoot. I will be posting individual posts on all of them - in order to give their work justice - but for now, I wanted to just quickly introduce you to this awesome KZN talent and post my favourite shots from each of them. (and by "favourite shots" I mean, Warren standing over me yapping, "THEY ARE ALL AWESOME, JUST PICK ONE" - I have gone backwards and forwards over my favourites because I love them all!).

PS - all my (current) favourites happen to be black and white - possibly because I have been longing for a giant black and white canvas over our bed! haha I'm not even going to explain what I LOVE about these three intro pics - because they speak for themselves. All the contact details for the photographers are below their snaps - so feel free to do a bit of "light stalking"

Casey Pratt - Photocase Photography
 photo photocase_zpscb759179.jpg
Photocase photography Website || Facebook || Twitter

Kelly Daniels - Kelly Daniels Photography
 photo kellydaniels_zps3a10272e.jpg
Kelly Daniels Photography Website || Facebook || Twitter

Eileen Laubscher - Brightgirl Photography
 photo eileen_zpsb230cc2f.jpg
Brightgirl photography Website || Facebook || Twitter

HOW AMAZING ARE THEY?!?!!? HEY?!?! HEY?!?!?! You guys... I KNOW!!
I can't wait to share more of each of their awesome work - so stay tuned!

Yes, it's true that we will never in our lifetime recreate all the excitement and FEEEEEELINGS of our wedding day, but these pictures come pretty damn close and I am so so grateful to the three of you! I cannot wait to blow ALL of them up onto massive canvases that I've always dreamed of!

 Thank you all so much!
And stay tuned for more love and praise! 

xo xo

PS. in light of our wedding photo catastrophe, I have brought over my wedding dress with me (DRESS, YOU WILL FIT INTO THIS BAG EVEN IF I HAVE TO SHOVE YOU) and I am making it my mission to have the most photographed, well-traveled, wedding dress in the world. I already have some epic plans for it. So hit me up if you want to get involved!

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