Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Blogspot

 Dear Blogspot,

Over the past four years or so, you have welcomed me with open arms to the world of blogging.
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You were easy. You held my hand and gently helped me figure out this crazy world of "blogging" that was so new to me. You weren't fussy, you weren't complicated and neurotic. You were simple, you were friendly. It was easy-going and we got along like a house on fire. We clicked like a new-home-owner-browsing Pinterest. Yes, there were those moments when you annoyed the crap out of me - but every new relationship has it's glitches woudn't you say?

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Yet, you hung around, dear old blogspot, and guided me through the stormy seas of blogging. You've opened up doors to me that I never even knew possible. You gave me the platform to build the most incredible community of support, through your platform I have made incredible friends with people all around the world, I have connected with people online and off. You powered me through winning two different categories at The South African Blog awards. It is through this tiny blogspot, that I have featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Seventeen Magazine and various other print publications around the country. You have inspired me to launch an online store. You were there when I first opened up indieBerries to sponsorship

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You have inspired me to follow what my heart is telling me to do. You have given me a network of people who I feel are cheering me on, and that is something that I be forever grateful to you, humble blogspot. You have given me dreams, you have given me wings.

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But now, tiny blogspot, my wings have grown too big for this little space. You see - I am more than this blog. I am more than these daily ramblings and funny cartoons: I have services to offer; I have products to launch; I have talent to show; I have advice to give; I have stories to tell; I have laughs to procure; I have cartoons to create; I have wit to share.

I have dreams to chase.

And now -  it's time for me to say goodbye to you Blogspot. I will miss you. I will miss your big bright orange smiley face, I will miss your comfort and old familiarity. You are all I have known in this crazy blogging world and you've shown me an amazing time. Of course I am scared to leave you, to go out on my own... but it's time for me to move forward, onward, upward to greater things.

I'm letting you go soon - because you're not right for me any more.
We've outgrown each other - you and I, and no hard feelings tiny blogspot -

 it's not you -
It's me.

On that note.... some big and exciting announcements coming this week everyone! Stay tuned!

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