Friday, April 29, 2011

Totally Royal

Today marks the day of that wedding. The Royal family welcomes in a new Princess and England gets a public holiday. There goes every girl's dream of becoming a Princess. sigh.

If Kate and Wills were in the movies:

wow. so much copyright infringement right here -
I'm definitely going to jail.

It's been real.

While i'm dealing with the thugs in maximum security plagiarism prison - you can enjoy all the lovely Royal Wedding Souvenirs and posts that are floating about the internet:
A really beautiful "Will and Kate" storybook created by InkRobin
(for any girl that wanted to be a princess. sigh.)
Cath Kidston's Royal Wedding range.
I mean, who doesn't want a kitsch royal wedding mug to keep FOREVER.
Royal Wedding party Printables from Design Editor

A few other Royal Wedding Souvenirs featured on Cap Classique.
A Royal Wedding Guest Tote Bag featured on 100 layer Cake.
Royal Affair DIY on The Pretty Blog
Read about the floral displays on the Official Royal wedding site
Awesomely funny Tumblr - Kate Middleton FTW

* * * * * * * * * *
I hope the wedding is a royal success! And if anyone has any wedding congratulatory messages for the happy couple, you can leave a comment here - I will relay it to the Royal family via the Queen, whilst she is jostling me into plagiarism-prison.
* * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Early 'works'

My dad was cleaning out the garage a few weeks ago and he came across some of my earliest "vintage" cartoons. I made this for his office door when I was about 10. Clearly I thought some 'women-power' was needed. ha

Check at that old-school computer. haha

Start young.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What if Wednesday

What if Shakespeare had gone into Science?
Blackboard image via Psd Graphics

And whilst Shakespeare may not be too good with 'the science',
Einstein did know a thing or two about 'the love'

"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves." - Albert Einstein.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Miss Seed from A Seed of Thought Blog is starting a Love, Loathe, Own feature. She asked me to be her first blogger for this project - so I created three images boards of things I Love, Loathe and Own...

Here is my list of loathes:

If you'd like to see my loves and some things i own... go check it out on Miss Seed's blog.

* * * * *

indieBerries was also interviewed on the Vintage Vixen blog -

Which you can check out here

Thanks for having me :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Springleap Competition

* * * * *

* * *

Anyway my lame-attempt at comedy is not the point.

The people over at Springleap have asked me to give a word-up about 2 new design competitions they are currently running. The first is the 

"Designers are requested to listen to the band's 6 songs & read the lyrics on the website, let themselves be inspired, and design Stepdog's new band t-shirt using their logo and illustrating how music can power their life and creativity."
Turbovite is sponsoring prize money for winning designs. (yeah.)

The second competition is the

"Special Ingredient" Design Competition
This comp is sponsored by Hansa pilsener who are offering great prize money (R10 000/ US$1250) for a "
Springleap designer who dreams up and delivers a design that illustrates life's special ingredient."

For all the Information and competition details head over to the Springleap website.

Get designing.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday of Egglessness.

I'll be eating carrots, since I haven't seen a single Easter Egg in all of Korea-ville. (sob)
Smash some choccie eggs for me if you can.
(especially the white-hard-shelled ones :) )

7 things

  1. In a Korean restaurant, when they give you a plate with a small piece of something whitish - it is not mozzarella cheese. It is an expanding hand-towel. Do not eat it. 
  2. According to the BBC Four's documentary series on time, our perception of time slows down when we experience new/exotic/different experiences in quick succession. They suggest taking a vacation, learning something new or doing ordinary things in a completely different way. You get the idea...
  3. Mozzarella is a word that I did not know how to spell and i had to look it up. haha
  4. Most often it doesn't matter what you are doing to have a great time, as long as you are doing it with the right people.
  5. Messing around with HTML at 2am is not something I would suggest.
  6. Sometimes it takes something new and exciting in the near future in order to let go of what's in the past.
  7. Easter just isn't the same without easter eggs. Oh Korea, sigh. :(

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gift wrapping

A little while back I sent a 'Korean Care-package' to the gorgeous Robyn Hobson after she joked around on twitter saying she wanted a signed article of clothing from me. That tweet gave me such joy that I decided to go on a mission for some random things from Korea to send to her...

It was fun to shop for someone I've never met - and most of what I included in the package were very random "korean-style" treasures including coffee-flavoured gum and un-matching-couple socks.

Here is the wrap:

Also, I originally sent the package express to South Africa (to try get it in time for Robyn's trip to Zanzibar). But after about two days I got a call from the Korean post office to say it had been returned since they do not do express delivery to PO Box addresses. 

Post Office conversations in Korea are very funny (especially over the phone when you can't employ charades):


Me: Hello?
Post Office: Herro Post office.
Me: Hello. Post office? (what?)
Post Office: We have packagie
Me: Package for me?
Post Office: No. packagie you are from.
Me: A package to me... from me?
PO: No. Package - you are from! South Africa! NO! 
Me: A package for me ...that's not from South Africa?
PO: No. Packagie you are from. South Africa. NO GO!
Me: AAH! my package is returned!
PO: OK! OK!!!
Me: Ok GREAT!!! (gives secret high-five to phone) Can you please send it then?
PO: No. you come packagie get.
Me: I don't want to get the package. I want it to go to South Africa.

it was a process. 
haha ;)

I'm glad it eventually made it! :) 

You can read the full story about it on Robyn's Blog :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

happy birthday!

(i love him.)

yeah. we go waaaaay back.

happy birthday little brother - i will see you in 25 days!!
drinks on me.

(the first round)

* * * * *

Once upon a time...

(big cage. very scary.)

(lock. big and fat.)

nom. nom. nomnomnom.

* * *

*not your average mash.

* * * * * *

ps. nothing personal against gingers.
but. halitosis? really? 

brush your teeth.