Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Low Down....

In response to Yesterday's post,
I would like to say...

well... there was that one time with the chair....

but, it's not like that...

indieBerries leaving South Korea at the end of the year - TRUE.
indieBerries wants to start her own design company when she gets back to the homeland - TRUE
indieBerries is busy building her design portfolio and website - TRUE
indieBerries not posting on indieBerries - APRIL FOOLS. 

I did however receive:
a) such sad emails about me stopping blogging. This makes me happy - haha :)
b) such supportive emails about me taking time out to work on my design portfolio.

So i just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the lovely readers who took time to comment/email me :)
I appreciate it!

As a little token of my gratitude - 
You can download some Compliment Cards which I designed a while ago  -
they are perfect to print out to use for gift-wrapping or just to give to people that mean something to you.

Did anyone else get punked yesterday? 
I'd love to hear :)

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