Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adobe Wars

I received a lot of really awesome comments and feedback about the cartoon I made for Princess Dom and her Sushi Castle. So I've decided to do another little cartoon profile...

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warning: this post contains technical jargon. you will find a glossary at the end - maybe you will learn something fancy.
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Let me introduce you to Lauren Prior -

I first met Lauren when I was working at the University Gym in Grahamstown. Lauren and I completed the Spinning instructors course and then Lauren started instructing and... I spun for 12 hours.
(Lauren, I also later worked out - was studying design in the year above me.)

So, a few days ago on twitter - the following conversation took place after Mpumi felt she was having a #death by illustrator moment :

LAUREN: illustrator is soooo much better than Photoshop! but don't worry, we all feel your pain!

ME: oh no... illustrator VS photoshop, I'm a photoshop girl ;)

...allow me to continue...

.... oh Adobe, you sneaky little beast.
(we love you)
(we think)

* * * * *
Technical jargon stuff:
Vector Graphics: Graphics that are created using lines and curves.
Raster Image: An image or bitmap that uses pixels or dots to make up the picture.
Rasterisation: The process of taking a vector graphic and changing it to an image comprised of pixels.

All the 'fighting-tools' (magic wand, lasso, live trace, desaturate) are tools or commands used in either photoshop or illustrator.
Also, I found this awesome blog post whilst gathering content for this post. check it out.

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