Friday, April 11, 2014

Feel Good Friday

 My blog posts are getting progessively longer and longer on indieBerries - which kind of makes it difficult to keep up with myself. So, to change it up a little here's a short one:

 photo one_zps9101ed76.jpg

Sometimes I actually crack myself up to the point of no return.

And here is a list of epic links to make your Friday Feelgood - 

8 questions powerful people ask themselves every day.
An incredible Thai Advert - this will make you want to hug everyone you see.
I've just signed up for this free 33 day online Meditation Course
I love this adaptation of the six degrees of separation to the literary world.
What person are you really - Buzzfeed quiz. (I am the Lawful Good)
15 famous landmarks zoomed out - super cool.
I love this post about your house being your space to learn.
Six lessons for marriage from Rock 'n Roll Bride
22 derpy animals - hilar.
Watch this video on Tails of a mermaid immediately. It will make you want to pack up your things and go traveling this very second.

Have a fab Friday everyone! x

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