Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The MOST exciting thing!

A little while ago - when we were back in SA - I posted about "THE MOST EXCITING THING" For those of you who follow me on Instagram (or Twitter) you may have had a sneaky clue as to what we were up to. {And if you read Midlands Musings (you should be) - Keri posted a little teaser here.}

A few months ago, Tammy from Midlands Stretch Tents got in touch with me about a styled shoot they were thinking of doing in March, in the Natal Midlands at Abingdon Wine Estate. After reading about our horrific wedding-photo-debacle (have you heard about our wedding photo catastrophe? I feel like I mention it weekly on this blog - it's cool. I'm allowed.) Anyway, Tammy had read about our story and contacted me to ask if Warren and I would like to be part of their styled wedding shoot - and get some "wedding photos" from not only one, but THREE amazing photographers. (more on them to come!)

Let me just say, that I JUMPED at the opportunity. In fact, I actually had to reign myself in from not replying within the nano-second and making myself look like a gigantic creep. We were only in the Midlands for one or two full days - which coincidentally happened to be in March. The (one) day that Warr and I were available - also just happened to be the day that worked for everyone else. Can you say, THANK YOU MAGICAL UNIVERSE? Tammy asked if I had any friends who were recently married that would like to be part of the shoot too and I quickly directed her to Keri - Keri and Andy were married the month before us, and I knew it would be SO much fun to do a shoot with her!

Below, I have a little teaser for you - The video trailer from The Shank Tank. You didn't hear this from me but this video is possibly even better than the video we had on our actual wedding day. These guys know exactly what they are doing - and they are so awesome at just being part of the day and unobtrusive to what is going on - But, their work speaks for itself - take a look:

Vintage Vineyard Styled Wedding Shoot from The Shank Tank on Vimeo.

The Shank Tank is also one part of The Love Bucket enterprise - run by Stacey - who supplied us with the most gorgeous vintage dresses. (Although, I couldn't resist jumping back into my own dress for a snap or two with warr and I as we were on our day!) I will be posting a few snaps of the amazing vintage yellow lace dress she put me in for the second part of the shoot!

Over the next couple of days, I want to share some of the gorgeous snaps that we have received - I have been blow away with how incredible they all are - and I cannot WAIT to share them all - but they definitely need their own posts each!

For now take a peek at the other services providers who made this day so incredible -

Photographers:  Kelly - Kelly Daniels Photography, Eileen - (BrightGirl Photography), Casey - (PhotoCase Photography)
Venue: Jane - Abingdon Wine Estate
Stationers: Liesel & Birgitta - Glee Projects
Dresses:  Stacey - Love Bucket
Tent: Tammy - Midlands Stretch Tents
Make up & Hair: Kym - Kym & me
Cake: Taryn - Smiths Bake shop

I will be posting some photographer snaps in this coming week - so stay tuned for some gorgeous eye candy!

Thank you so SO much to everyone involved - it was SO much fun to work with you all! We are so grateful to have some "wedding pictures!" xx

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