Thursday, February 17, 2011

oh the DRAMA!

When I finished high-school, i was very unsure about what to study.

My teachers tried giving me advice:

me + blood + squidgy organ-things = NO.
we like Mrs Haw. she is very awesome. but this is not a good idea.

Then my drama teacher spoke to me...
Mrs Taylor: Che, you like to help people, and you're interested in the science of humanity and you are quite the little drama queen... why not go into Drama Psychotherapy...
che really liked this idea.
(no squidgy-humanoid-parts)

so I finished high-school and went off to Rhodes University to major in Psychology and Drama

When I first got to Rhodes and was applying for my subjects during orientation, i met this guy who happened to be registering my subjects:
the conversation went a little like this:

THE FACULTY DEAN: hello young lady.
me: hi Mr Dean
THE FACULTY DEAN: So, what subject majors would you like to register for?
me: Drama and Psychology please.
THE FACULTY DEAN: mmm... i have a transcript of your high-school academic record, I see your final results are very excellent...
me: thank you Mr Dean
THE FACULTY DEAN: now, since your results are very excellent, have you considered taking a triple major?
me: oh, no thank you.
THE FACULTY DEAN: it will be quite a workload, but according to your excellent records it looks like you are capable of handling all the different areas of study.
me: oh, actually i'm going to be focusing on not studying this year.... you  know... work on my socialising.
THE FACULTY DEAN: This is a university.
me: I know right!! perfect place for socialising!
THE FACULTY DEAN: I would really advise a third major.
me: I would really advise not.
THE FACULTY DEAN: I'm bigger than you, and i'm sitting on the pedestal of academia. i'm going to sign you up for a third major. now, what will it be?
me: i don't want to.
THE FACULTY DEAN: journalism?
me: hmmph... FINE.

* this is the single greatest move of my life. *

(says silent thank-you prayer to THE FACULTY DEAN)

So off I set with my three majors...

(and do not worry. even with this extra sneaky trick that THE FACULTY DEAN pulled on me. it did not hinder my 'socialising' ability.)

I would like to tell you about the DRAMA SCENE.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Drama department at Rhodes university is pretty epic. (half of the reason I chose to go there in the first place) You meet a WHOLE range of 'interesting people'

these types of hippies really pride themselves on being unique. 

you can tell.

then we have the more intuitive types:

and then

there were many other very "colourful" characters that i met in this drama phase. i also met my slightly more "normal" friend Sasha ;) we just tried to "blend in" with the drama bungies 

(look at us blending in!)

One of our classes was "interpretive dance/movement" with Acty Tang (Asian, and very talented)
class was ... interesting...


he was mad.

At the end of the year, we had a drama showcase - where we performed our final movement pieces in order to be marked. it was a public performance and i convinced the B.COM Boyfriend (warren) at the time to go with me....

me: i'm doing my final drama movement prac on friday evening, come watch!
B.COM Boyfriend: i'm not really sure about this whole drama know those people that do drama...
me: i do drama
B.COM Boyfriend: well not you.... i mean like... isn't it all weird... and like.. strange people
me:  define "weird"... and if by "strange" you mean like... not showering.... well....
B.COM Boyfriend: ....i'm just not sure... you know... just...
me: we can go get drinks after!!
B.COM Boyfriend: ok fine.

(on a different occasion i even managed to convince BCOM Boyfriend to come to a production which took place in a gothic dungeon where chicks shaved their heads on stage. That, however required drinks before.)


Then i saw him mouthing me "good luck!" across the stage:

Before i reveal the final movement performance piece, i would like to show how the whole process went down:

First we had to select people we wanted to work with to be in our performance group:

(turns out, this was not necessarily because they thought i had some uber talent. they just picked the small one they thought would be easiest to throw around)

they practised throwing me around (and dropping me) a lot. we practised the dropping part the most. i did not like that part. it made me very nervous.

eventually we made it to final prac night...

and... as you've heard from my academic record... you know how much i love a good A+ 

so we went out for drinks to celebrate.


Ndileka said...

haha loved it! can just imagine you in those drama "movement" shows haha

Jacci said...

loved it! particularly your adams family goth looking drama friend. i had loads of those in my drama class too.

Liv said...

you are brilliant! the addams family type killed me - was crying with laughter 'hello' :) hahaha - i know exactly who you based her on - that creepy older drama student chick who had a really deep voice and only showered with the rain....creepy.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Jaysus, that was fucking brilliant!!!

Warr said...

Hahahaha! Comfort zone at one end, Wazza at the other end but it was worth it :-)

Marv said...

I knew you were a fellow thespian deep down all along! so when are you joining our department? I'm pretty sure we all shave and you really only have to move your arms around a lot to do our dances. :)

sarah g said...

Hahahaha - this made me want to go back to Rhodes and hang out at the Theatre Cafe for an afternoon... Also, they had good brownies.

Kerry said...

Hahahahahahaha! Thanks for the chuckle! Miss you

Che said...

hahahaha! marv. i'll come whenever you need me!! i can move my arms very professionally and my singing is also highly developed, as you may have heard from my indieRap. ;)

jacin {lovely little details} said...

hahahah this is hilarious!!!!

Laura said...

This is by far my favorite CheKay because I can so, like, RELATE! haha.. excellent stuff!

Liz said...

Che! TOO accurate! Sash and I was just having a little interpretive dance at the dinner table the other day! Also, the theatre cafe did a great strawberry and mint milkshake. Of course it couldn't just be strawberry - that would be too normal!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

need your address again for another post card.


The Jolly Olive said...

Ah Che, classic classic post today! Loved it :) Hilarious.

Anthea said...

Your blog is just ah-mazing! I was glued to my PC screen when I read this post!

Embracing Style

Manuela Cassuto said...

too funny! and THAT is why i dropped drama!!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha. i DON'T blame you.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

was it worth all the bruises and trauma.

Alicia Smit said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. I studied drama and one of my main subjects were physical theatre. I totally took it cause I thought jumping around was easier than studying...and I have zero co-ordination so I spent my entire third year I looking like ladybird :)

Theresa said...

Brilliant as always!

van said...

haha had forgotten about acty tang!