Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Travel Tips 101: PART 2

If you haven't caught up on your Travel Tips 101: PART 1, you can do it here.
Once you've done that, we can continue...

* * *

One day on the beach we walked past a delicious smelling Indian Restaurant with a Yoga loft-type studio above it looking over the beach. We decided to wake up early the next morning and hit a yoga session.

Now (back in the day), i was quite the gymnastic star-kid:
I decided it would be a good idea for me to attempt the Salamba Sirsasana:

After this we did the Crocodile. Which I was a total pro at.

exactly like this. just lie and "rest".

We did become very distracted during our Yoga breathing due to the delicious garlic and frying onion smells that were coming from the Indian restaurant below. Eventually after doing some more breathing and relaxation exercises we concluded our early morning yoga session...

We did a lot of awesome things, massages every day, took full advantage of the 2-for-1 cocktail specials and even tried some traditional Bamboo dancing:

We were very sad to be leaving Boracay

so the helpful man shimmied us off the ferry and put us on a bus to the airport with a whole bunch of other foreigners going to the airport

we got off the bus, right before it was about to leave taking us to the wrong airport two hours away.
and we made it to the correct airport, (which was indeed 5 minutes away... )
and got on our flight back to South Korea.
It was a fabulous and relaxing holiday
oh and...

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