Monday, January 10, 2011

20 reasons

20 reasons why I hate winter:
  1. it's cold.
  2. my clothing has navigated towards a single colour scheme: "gothic, dark, depressed."
  3. you are untanned, pale and generally anaemic looking.
  4. it's cold.
  5. you put on approximately 7 kilograms. i don't know what element of 'freezing' causes this, it just happens.
  6. it's cold.
  7. you have three times as much laundry to do due to the fact you are now wearing 17 000 more layers.
  8. it becomes too cold to change from one set of clothes into another, which forces you to go to work in your pyjamas and be fired. (just kidding, this hasn't happened yet. but i'm thinking about it.)
  9. you become socially inept because all you want to do is lie on top of your heater and eat popcorn. aah!!.... 7kgs... now i get it.)
  10. electricity bill increases.
  11. it's cold
  12. Sun? What is that?
  13. you get retarded lobster-claw condition caused from wearing gloves, inside gloves, inside mittens.
  14. washing takes longer to dry. (but it's ok because you aren't changing that much anyway. see #8)
  15. your face feels like it's going to fall off and then it doesn't feel at all.
  16. snot runs out your nose and you don't even notice cause your face has gone completely numb. (see above)
  17. goosebumps are not pretty.
  18. it's cold.
  19. your socks get very confused, because all of a sudden there are three of them. on one foot.
  20. and lastly, it's just very cold.

if you live in a sunshiney area right now. i suggest you go outside and soak up some rays.
do it for me.


Ndileka said...

shame man che- i really am NOT envious. Maybe you should follow this on in summer when it's 38 degrees here! not so pleasant either!

Lauren said...

17 000 layers, lols!

Anonymous said...

i'd happily swap my cape town summer for your korean winter. i love everything about winter, the colder the better.