Friday, January 7, 2011

Killer fingers

I was introduced to a new iPhone app the other day- SketchBook Express. And I will say... It is pretty awesome.
Ok so it has made me realize that even although I have probably the skinniest knobbliest fingers I know- philangies are still not the easiest things to draw with. Bearing in mind this is my first time using this app... But anyway, Point in case:

Haha. I tried to draw myself. Except I look more like a feral child escaped from the wild.
And then I tried to draw myself with my hot coffee in the snow:

Except, I couldn't get the paint fill tool to work without picking up the background-hence I used a spray-flow tool. And now it looks like I'm a ghost. So let's just say I died from frostbite (and went to a much warmer place) maybe I should read the instructions...
I did however make these beautiful messes in a five minute break between classes...

More to follow...
I recommend SketchBook Express app :) it's fun.

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