Thursday, January 13, 2011

ode to the dentist...

Hello lovely indieBerries readers.
Today I would like to talk about:

(which is totally fine by me)

obviously, not that much to do in rural zulu-land.
we make our own fun.

(twins at this stage are roughly about 4 years old)

face-first into the concrete.

my mother:

This shall be a "to be continued..." post
it is too traumatic for me to finish it right now.
(just kidding.)
but also,
what a great way to build blog suspense!
until tomorrow...stay tuned...

what happened next

POST EDIT: upon reviewing this, i have realised that the none of the competition actually have arms.
i told you this was traumatic.


FarmGirl said...

Can't wait to read the last installment! xxx

H said...

Impressive.... Hehe... Totally loved the doodles... Amazing... and super duper Hilarious... Looking forward for the sequel... =D

Dee said...

Che, don't tell everyone how well I handle blood.!!!!!