Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Craft Cupboard Cleanup

YAY craft-cupboard-cleanup! Actually, it's more of a craft drawer, but cupboard works better for alliteration purposes. Also, it's really fun to try and say 10 times fast. try! try!
So anyway this is my goal for this morning - although its already taken me more than half the day - 
wow I hoard a lot of junk. Here's the progress so far....

This is a section of my drawer the way it looked this morning...

Then I decided to take everything out and put it on the floor.
(I do not recommend this approach - all you do is transfer all your junk from one place to the next)

But on the other hand after moving all my junk out the drawer - I found three canvases, an awesome sketchbook and paintbrushes that I had forgotten about! YAY!!

Stay tuned for the big cupboard cleanup results....

Clean out a cupboard, or a drawer or just a shelf.
ok, just wash the dishes.

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Lauren said...

Che K- you complete me! you are hilarious! love it! more cupboard clean up....more!!!!