Friday, August 27, 2010

Pretty Paper

The other day, I did nothing. The whole day...nothing, except change from my pyjama's into my gym clothes (approximately 3pm) and subsequently found out the gym was closed.

I made paper.
Since it was the ONLY thing I achieved in this day, I thought I would share it...

Step 1: First I took some pictures of flowers I took in Greece and applied some photoshop duo-toning techniques that I talked about here. I then cut them out using an eraser brush - (and it's very roughly done - but it's ok cause it will just help to build texture)

Next I opened a clear photoshop page and googled for some Lorem Ipsum text. (It's a real thing, I didn't make that up). I pasted some text onto the page and created a new fill layer of blue and blended the two layers together.

After this I took some pictures of old note paper and laid it on top and played around with the blending options until I got something I liked. (I talked about this technique here)
Added the flowers and some grungy scratch brushes over everything.....and... VIOLA!

Try this at home...


Hojune "Tristan" Choi said...

Very pretty indeed!

Kristi said...