Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Braai-day

(The word braai (plural braaie) is Afrikaans for "barbecue" or "roast" and is a social custom in BotswanaSouth AfricaNamibia,LesothoZimbabwe and Zambia. It originated with the Afrikaner people,[1] but has since been adopted by South Africans of many ethnic backgrounds. The word vleis is Afrikaans for "meat".
The word has been adopted by English-speaking South Africans and can be regarded as another word for barbecue, in that it serves as a verb when describing how food is cooked and a noun when describing the cooking equipment, such as a grill.[1] The traditions around a braai can be considerably different from a barbecue, however, even if the method of food preparation is very similar.)

well... me and open flames are never a good combination. but you can all have yourselves a
LEKKER BRAAI! :) Happy Friday Braai-day!

PS. landed in beautiful cape town this morning - (after having coffee accidentally poured on me by the air hostess. she took me to the back of the plane, gave me some wet wipes and proceeded to compliment me on my [now mocha-coloured] white shirt and fabulously painted toes]). ola the mother city! off to taste wine! :)

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