Wednesday, September 29, 2010

trip home....

I left Cape Town on Monday morning. it was very sad to say goodbye to the family. but it was lovely to be out in South Africa and to see them
look at how beautiful Table Mountain is! and my family is not even enjoying it because they are too sad because i'm in the airplane.
When I got to the boarding gate in Cape Town - i saw a Korean mom and daughter standing behind me. (i checked out the cover of their passports - me = super-sleuth.) I was so excited to see some Koreans that I used my limited Korean skills to converse:
Using my limited Korean I either said:
"Hello! I'm Che! I'm sad, I'm leaving my family"


"Hello! I'm Che! Buy me a drink!" 

urgh. i did do a whole bunch of mime-crying and I didn't get any drinks out of them- so i'm guessing they got it. anyway, flight to Johannesburg went ok, but when i landed in Johannesburg i suddenly realised:
oh well... it's too late now...
(for non-South-African readers - when traveling through Johannesburg airport - it's a precautionary thing to wrap your bags in 'tamper-proof' plastic. i failed to do this. PANIC.)

anyway arrive at OR Tambo Airport International Airport in Johannesburg. 
Now maybe it's me (probably) but the Johannesburg Airport is the most confusing airport in the world:

i'm pretty sure i was just here. Best we take the other path:

Che: um... excuse me sir, can you tell me where Singapore airlines are?
Airport Man: Yes, terminal B.
Che: ok.. thank you very much. (starts walking away)
Airport Man: Lady, do you know where terminal B is?
Che: No! I have NO idea what I'm doing!
Airport Man: Ok... come, I show you.

Finally get to the right gate - thank you lovely Airport Man.

Go through the gate. try to buy an iphone. iphone purchase fail. (it's a long story)
Get onto the airplane. 
Generally my international flying experience goes as follows:

(flying long distance totally sucks. but it is totally worth flying back to South Africa for one week to win two blog awards :) :) and Singapore Airlines was really great.)

Finally made it back to Korea in the cab on the way back to my apartment. Visions of my apartment:
but it wasn't that bad... just really cold :( 
and... best of all Nothing was missing from my luggage! GO AFRICA!
I wish I was still in Cape Town!

*more about the blog awards to come...


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and cartoons....and the way your mind works - highly entertaining!

Megan Wridgway said...

Laughing my face off! Thank you for the indieLove ;)

Graham said...

Che... you had me in hysterics! LOVE your work! CONGRATS again on winning the awards... Im in CT next Friday! Cant wait!

Che said...

Graham I'm jealous! say hello to the mountain for me!

Kerry said...

LOL! Love your pic of Table Mountain. And totally how I feel about flying.

Kaloo said...

Ok So I can totally see why you won the blog award. Totally deserving and well done. Your picture of Table Mountain was totally accurate.

Also, I used "totally" 3 times already!

I shall follow your blog.
Oh yes I shall.

Dee said...

It was so good to see you! Sorry about all the L-O-N-G hours sitting in those comfy chairs with the awesome leg room.
But it was well worth it.
So proud of you!

Che said...

kaloo thanks for following my blog. TOTALLY.