Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm a WINNER! :)

Last night were the 2010 South African Blog awards. They were held at the One and Only Hotel next to the V & A Waterfront. It is very fancy.

We had some delicious wine and cocktails. 
Che may have overindulged haha - sorry if i was obnoxious to anyone - (in particular the don't party people, {in my defense you were the competition} sorry!) Don't Party is the The Olmeca Edicion Black Best Music Blog winner.
me and my pretty mommy at the awards - perhaps we should have zoomed out. oh well.
Best parenting Blog: The Reluctant Mom

I wore my pink dress that is in all of my cartoons. unfortunately it lost it's triangle shape in transit from Korea... and i had people taking pictures of my multi-coloured-highly-fashionable toenails. (thanks to kristi who painted them) haha. i wouldn't trust che's fashion advice. she just does whatever she wants. rather go with Kim Gray - winner of best fashion blog on that....  

Little indieBerries won Best Havana Club Rum Design Blog and Best Personal blog
double whammy! 
(me: very happy)
but had serious concern about the prospect of this happening:

thankfully, it did not.

It was a really lovely evening and i had a chance to meet some of the very talented bloggers out there. A huge thanks to everyone who was involved in making such an awesome evening. 

When i got home, my big little-brother gave me a booklet that he had copied from a book that he has called "101 things to do before you're old and boring":

"Dear Che, I was perusing through this book and realised you were the perfect candidate..."

Start your own blog.
(sorry for the terrible picture quality in all of these pics. let's call it post-party jitters)

Win Something.

Succeed at something you're bad at

"In case you didn't catch the joke of the previous page then the next page should illustrate the type of humour that I was talking about. All my love."

cook a meal

(i don't cook. actually i blow stuff up in the kitchen. but simply delicious does... [winner of best new blog and best food and wine blog] )
I have the best brother in the world. and everybody should be jealous that Blake isn't their brother :) Actually my whole family is pretty AMAZEBALLS. thank you mommy and daddy and blake :)

woke up early this morning (jet lag and need for water) and beautiful sunrise out the window.
Best photographic Blog: Guy with Camera

it's my last day in cape town. sob* i don't want to leave! oh well...sigh... champagne breakfast with my amazeballs fam to celebrate. have a lovely Sunday x
the morning after... i'm such a gangster.

Go and check out all the Blog award winners: click here.


Unknown said...

Che, you are Amazeballs! Yay for you! See you soon, too soon! Sorry that you have to come back already! But can't wait to hear your stories!

thegirlhassparke said...

Congrats lady!!

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

Well done and deserved:)

ohjustamo said...

Congrats! Sounds like you had fun. Discovered your blog via the blog awards's finalist list and I love it! Keep up the great blogging Che :)

Anonymous said...

I am soooo proud of you girl!!! i knew you were in it to win it! come back soon cuz while reading your blogs are great i miss story time with Che (che tell's the best story btw)!

Robynne May said...

Those plaques are awesome! So worth travelling out here for :)
Well done!!!!

Anonymous said...

WTFG!!! Congratulations!! Wow, that is just so super cool, Che!! YAY!!

Unknown said...

well done YOU!!! i'm very proud of you & not at all surprised! ;) your present from blake is pretty amazing too :) well done the dynamic duo of blake and che! :):):)

chane:) said...

hey che..
just wanted to say congrats!!
i absolutely love ur blog and cant go a day without reading!!

was soooooo happy when u won - BOTH!!!!

was updated thru twitter - by the one and only little unicorn - she cant really let loose when she gets excited!!!

but anyway - this is me blabbering now!!

bye :)

Unknown said...

*Congrats* Che!!

What awesome news for you! Did you fly home for Chuseouk, or specially for the awards?? Must have been fabulous!

Well done! You deserve it!!!! :)xx

Meg The Hen said...

wow! wow! wow!! Huge congrats Che! What a deserving prize winner you are!! Miss you friend! Go well and keep at the blogging which makes me cry with laughter!! lots of love xxx

Janine / Being Brazen said...

congrats on winning :)

Kerry said...

Well done Che! Your blog is fantastic. I love it!

Rhianne said...


Jacqueline Sampson said...

Well done Indie Berry! you deserve it, your blog is super cute!

Unknown said...

Well done Indieberries!
My name is Indi!
True story!
Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Your illustration of the stage obstacles is hilarious and so accurate! I think everyone had that fear - high heels or not. Congratulations on winning! (X2!)

Anonymous said...
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mjw said...

Oh FFS Blogger!! Sorry about all that double posting. I tried to use the "Name/URL" option and it didn't pop up the box in which you type the info.

(Like this time)

Maxi said...

Congrats IndieBerries! That's amazing! And apparently you just missed Justin Bieber. He's staying at the One and Only this week. I'm a Capetonian - we gossip. :p

Che said...

ah maxi! im so sad i missed little justin... but he's a little off my age limits and way out my price range!