Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A short story

I am not a morning person.
NOT a morning person, at all.

keep me up until 2am, 3am, 4am.. nooooo problem.
but ask me to wake up at 7:
not going to happen.

i would really like to try and be a morning person - carpe diem etc.
and everyday I try not to hit snooze on my alarm, and every morning, I fail.

snooze. snooze. snooze.

then I get bummed about wasting all that wonderful extra morning time I could have gotten.
snooze is the devil.

Last night I made a promise to myself - I will not hit snooze.
and this morning - it WORKED.

As soon as my alarm went off I turned it straight off without hitting snooze. (!!)
So proud of myself.
I finally tricked that tricksy snooze button, that always manages to catch me.
yay me for beating the snooze!!

* * *

oh, forgot to mention that after shutting down the alarm, I failed to execute the getting out of bed part.
ya, there's that. 

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