Thursday, March 31, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Drawing cartoon posts for the blog is a lot of hard work.
Here is a quick look behind the scenes...
I have a small notebook where I jot down all my blog cartoon ideas and other random posts and things to do. This notebook usually goes everywhere with me. As you can tell from this post. (The pink notebook with the maple leaves in that post... is this little notebook in question)
For longer blog posts, I write down key phrases or funny/quirky lines - which I can develop into story-lines or flesh out with pictures. The above pics became The Ode to the Rhodes Drama Department post.
Sometimes I'll draw a single image which will remind me of a blog-post story or cartoon to be drawn at a later stage. The picture above became The Big Mac Conspiracy.
There are times when I want to test out different facial features or expressions to get them just right before I post to the blog and I'll do a few rough drafts before I hit the tablet. These doodles come from when i did some "model" work which you can find in the Model Behaviour Post. ha...
When I'm happy with all the catch-phrases and the images that I want to re-draw, I use my Bamboo Tablet to translate what's in my notebook into photoshop. Then draw all the images, colour them, save them, resize them, post them and hope someone will read them and have a laugh :)

Et voila.

So now you know how much work goes into a cartoon post - you will know how much i love all your comments and feedback! :) Thank you!

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