Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was the lovely Kristi's birthday.
Kristi is a fabulous baker and she is always baking delicious treats for people on their birthday.
I thought someone should repay the kindess.

I decided to bake a cake.

Now, if you are new to this blog and are unaware of my cooking "creations" - you should probably click here. In short, I explode eggs in the microwave, blow up casserole dishes, melt frying pans and consider fried onions a gourmet meal.

me baking a cake is generally not a good idea.

anyway, for the love of kristi, i baked a freaking carrot cake.

STEP ONE: Source Recipe.

STEP TWO: Buy ingredients.

STEP THREE: Change Recipe after realising husband of kristi does not like raisons in cake.

STEP FOUR: Buy more ingredients.

STEP FIVE: google several times the difference between "baking soda" and "baking powder"
get confused. decide that it doesn't matter anyway.

Now since I do not cook and I do not bake, I have quite a lack of culinary utensils.

STEP SIX: Go on a stealth mission to locate a grater. (Ask neighbour Sarah: fail. Ask neighbour Dom: not at home.) Only known location of grater is in the house of Kristi.

Don ninja gear and break into the House of Kristi.
it is helpful to have canine allies.

STEP SEVEN: Grate the carrots.

STEP EIGHT: Realise that perhaps the carrots should probably have been peeled. Google.


STEP NINE: Eggs. Do not do this:

STEP TEN: cut pecans.


STEP ELEVEN: mix batter. lose spoon.

STEP TWELVE: Put batter in oven. Dance around oven like a wild child. google pictures of Millennium Falcon. 

STEP THIRTEEN: Take cake out of oven. Smirk at how wonderfully awesome you think you are. Pat self on back.

STEP FOURTEEN: Allow cake to cool and cut into Millennium Falcon Shape. Mix icing. Note to self how icing tastes a lot like garlic. proceed.

STEP FIFTEEN: Eat excess cake pieces. (QUALITY CONTROL)

STEP SIXTEEN: Ice and decorate cake. Wait until morning to take it to Kristi.


* feels very proud of self *

Anyway Ross took a second piece to avenge himself
And to be fair, he didn't see the epic tail-gate-fire that went down...

Yes, I know the video is a little warped. 
But geeez. give me a break.
I baked a freaking starwars cake.
you can't have your cake and eat it.

Happy Birthday To Kristi for yesterday and Safe Travels to Ross who flies back to South Africa today :)