Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 Things

  1. Even if you tell everyone "you're totally over the Royal Wedding" - everybody loves a good story and a happy day and two people in love. Just soak it in :) (I got so involved, I may as well have been a bridesmaid. Sorry for all my "enthusiastic" tweeting - to those people who follow me on twitter. haha)
  2. You should always keep your house tidy, just in case people decide to 'pop-in'
  3. RSVP-ing to events is common courtesy and essential for people who are trying to plan the event.
  4. Sometimes thunder and rain is wonderful. (Provided you are inside, with a book and a blanket and a cup of coffee.)
  5. Nothing is a substitute for reading a a good book. Not even a kindle.
  6. The Platypus is the only mammal that is hatched from an egg. And it also has a venomous fang located on it's leg.
  7. Sometimes you need a little break from exercise. Jillian Michael's doesn't think so, but meh... who cares, right?

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