Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rose

A few weeks ago an email landed in my inbox from Guy With Camera, (Andrew Brauteseth) - Guy with Camera is an amazing photographer (i thought that was obvious) and he runs a very visually delicious blog. (- winning best photographic blog at the SA blog awards last year). He has recently completed his first short film titled The Rose. 

The Rose is absolutely gorgeous and everything just blends so well together, like Camembert and a french baguette. In Guy With Camera's write-up about about his project he mentions Amelie - which is one of my all time favourite movies - I love it for the lighting, the soundtrack, the imagery, the innocence and the quirkiness. Some movie stills from Amelie - (courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes):

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Wow, so many links in that post. Go ahead and click them ALL. 
i dare you. Especially THIS ONE.

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Thanks to Andrew for sending this. We like.

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