Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dec 4: D-Day!!

(bet you didn't think i had this. haha)
*** Unfortunately, after finding the perfect Mr. December 4th,  I missed my flight home to attend my own wedding :( :(

 Dear Mom, Dad, John, Lynette, Keith and Michelle,
(fabric tape embellishment courtesy of pugly pixel)


Derryn Leigh Smith said...

Ahhh why do you do this to me dear IndieBerries... Dilemma: I need to work because (Quote) "no mon, no fun" (Un-quote) but I NEED to laugh too... I like laughing... So what have I been doing since Monday... reading your awesome blog of course hahaha - just wanted to point out this.. See wedding dress in above post? See actually wedding dress? It's a MATCH!!!!! :D

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha HOW weird!! i haven't looked at this picture in AGES! i guess it was subconsciously embedded in my head that THIS was the dress I wanted! even way long before warr was even my "boyfriend" again hahaha AWESOME thank you for reminding me of this! x

Che Kershaw said...

also - (LOLling is WAY better than working.)

Che Kershaw said...

AND SHUT UP RIGHT NOW!!! groom is even wearing a pink tie. *dies from serendipity*