Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photo diary: DAY TWO

a hair appointment and a shopping trip.
So we had booked a hair appointment at the green turtle. Here is a before pic:

And here is the after pic:

Yes, that's right. Nothing changed. after arriving on time for our 1pm appointment - we waited approximately 40minutes while some other customer complained to the hairdresser how he had ruined her hair and that he must now fix it. I took some pics of the "decor" during our wait time:

It's very classy here.

It got awkward. Hairdresser told her he's very famous. Customer told him he was wrong. Anyway after waiting 45minutes past our appointment time we decided maybe it wasn't destined to be a get-beautiful day but rather a get-fat-and-go-shopping day. Hence, smokey saloon hamburgers:

WARNING: the following picture is vegetarian censored.

Next some shopping. With handy device in store for your "self-calculations"

Not sure why I like these shoes. But I do.

Store decor (?)

Yeah, I'm not sure either. Also:

I guess it must be the latest men's style.

These shades are blinging. Like glitterati diamonds. and so are his pant.

And if you're gonna buy this outfit you better make damn sure you gave a bright blue blinging reindeer to go with it.

And some festive Christmas wishes:

I wish you every happine and lasting memorise. The end.

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Werner said...

this person harbouring a deep-rooted, disturbing fascination for turtles...???