Friday, December 17, 2010


I LOVE Asia. I love living in Asia. I love the stationery in Asia. I love the food in Asia. I love the weird english t-shirts in Asia. I love the shopping in Asia. I love the random-quirky stores in Asia. I love the people in Asia. 

I DO NOT love having my hair hi-lighted in Asia.

and then, we enter this 'strange place'... that feels like some kind of computer game:

(note: single tear.)


ok. so this process continued. after she realised that maybe there was a "slight" miscommunication and I am now sitting with a head of electric-yellow hair - the options are to 1. hi-light over the yellow or 2. "BASE LEVEL DOWN!" "DOWN BASE COLOUR. LEVEL DOWN! BROWN OK!" 
(i'm also still confused)
Anyway they got the brown dye out, they got the hi-lights out. at this point some random other customer intervenes to try and translate during epic hair fiasco. 

me: i HATE this.
hairdresser: no problem
Me: yes. PROBLEM!
* hairdresser smiles and nods *
me: change!! change!!
hairdresser: ok. step 1 finish. now step 2. hilight now.
or base level down. your choice.
me: what?

translator: either you must hi-light on this new (EXTREMELY YELLOW - WITH A SLIGHT TINT OF ORANGE) base colour. or you must dye your hair darker and then try and hi-light again.

ok. so i went with hi-lighting on top of the yellow.
this was a

I will now show you a picture of what my current hair looks like.
please note: this picture has not been digitally altered in any way.

Viewers with light-sensitive retinas should look away now.

 for real. it is this colour. really.
so, whenever I go past any mirror it goes like this:

(help me!! no, really i mean it. seriously.)

anyway, since i am more of a 'glass-half-full' kind of, looking on the bright (yellow) side of things... I have three things to be grateful for.

ONE:  I now TOTALLY fit into the category of  "ASIANS WHO TRIED TO GO BLONDE"

TWO: I now look EXACTLY like my cartoon self:

AND THREE: I now have a 10 000won off discount voucher for the next time I visit this salon!!


anyone need a hair dye?!?  I know a great place!!

AND... i'll give you a voucher.


Keith and Michelle said...

Oh Che' - that is so funny! No seriously can't be that bad! Apart from hair - hope all well. Lots of Love

Tanya said...

Love this!! giggled so much when i read this today!

Bobby said...

Haha! I'll take one of those vouchers, been thinking of going bright yellow for a while now ;)

FarmGirl said...

Hilarious! DO NOT go back!
Happened to me about 3 months ago. Also went for "highlights" and the hairdresser in Riversdale made a huge booboo. Back to brown now.

Being Brazen said...

OH NO! Maybe yellow will be a good look for you - you can come home and start a trend.

Hope your hair is less yellow than you descibed :)

Have a wonderful holiday x

Che said...

@Bobby - congratulations! you are the lucky winner! take the vouchers!! they are YOURS!!

@farm girl - i may be joining you on the dark side very soon... hahaha

@Being Brazen - it is truly THAT bad. noticed how there were no pictures on the blog? ..oh the shame...

Dee said...

It REALLY is that yellow! have had a sneak preview on skype.

So sorry Che.. Its a terrible feeling to look in the mirror after a BAD hair-do!

DARK it is.......

Freshly Found said...

Hopefully a once-in-a-lifetime experience! What a desperate feeling!

slap them hoes said...

haha i love it! last time i got my hair 'highlighed' in korea, they dyed it black, and then added orange highlights. such an adventure - i love the way you told it :)

Dax-a-Million said...

Did you got to S id in Westerndom??!!?
If so I know the head stylist and I totes would have translated for ya. I get my hair done there and they can make it white!
So sorry you had this experience like many other "natural" blondes.
I feel for you!

Juliana Negrelli said...

I'm going to have my hair hi-lighted today! And I'm scare because my hair is really really black. After your story I freaked out a little bit more! oO said...

hehe! Im seriously cracking up laughing. There is only 1 place in the entire world that I trust to do my hair and that is back in South Africa. Hense, why I've had terrible and self dyed hair for the past 7 years of travelling!