Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's about time...

Yes, remember this?
Don't worry. I haven't forgotten. 

I have merely been in vocal training...
until my singing coach shattered from me pitch-matching to his frequency.

I present you with... My finest work:
(and my sincerest apologies)

The Lovely Lyrics:
At first I was afraid,
I was petrified,
Kept thinking my blog could never win
against ELLE Design

And then the people voted
and now my blog is King,
so I must put on my winning shades
Compose a song 
and sing.....

So I suck at singing
and with that being sad,
I even changed my nose-ring
tryin' to boost my street-cred.

The awards were awesome
and I had a great time
Man! that place is divine.

It was organised,
and things ran on time,
We had snacks and Mojitos
and WAY too much wine.

In fact I'm really quite glad 
I didn't fall down the stairs
and that I left before Nash
and his g-string affairs...

So, I came from South Korea,
and (thumbs) to Marky Mark - 
who came from the PharSide.

Mum-z was the MC - 
made us laugh the whole night,
so I just wanna thank him,
now my abs are freaking tight.

2 Oceans sent a rep - 
and DAMN! she was hot,
brother fancied his chances...
but EiSH! 
I think not.

looked super-glam,
then they pulled a blank card,
... I think it was a scam.

Helen Zille came down
and she gave a great speech
about facebook and blogging
and the things that she tweets.

As I'm walking to the stage
mom hisses "DON'T do the peace sign!"
then I pulled it TWICE-
.... I'm from Asia, 
It's fine.

Best blog overall went to WatKykJy
... I don't have a rhyme for this
"ek praat nie die taal"

Thanks to the sponsors 
for giving us free stuff
esp to Havana Club Rum,
cause I woke up pretty rough.

A big thanks to YOU
if you voted for my blog,
It means a lot to me

This is my song to say
for supporting and 
for voting and for
digging what i do.

* the end *


sarah g said...

Better than I dreamed it... ;) 10 points, Che K. 10 points.

Anonymous said...

This is too has made my day :) I love it xxx Coli :)

Wilson said...

Classic stuff. Well worth the wait Ms Che

Lauren said...

Lols, this is brilliant! And your middle name is Lauren!! :D

Graham said...

That has to be one of the bravest things you've ever done! A promise is a promise... Well you're a girl of your word...
Well Done..but don't give up your day job!

SpecialK said...

Awesome, Che!! Love it:)

SpecialK said...

Awesome, Che!! Love it:)

Princess_Dom said...

well done Che!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha bu t besudes that hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
ha ha ha!!! what up sibling need to work on your credibility as a rapper, just so know you rappers usually have guns and flash looking girls in bikini's and you lost street cred buy adding in a bloopers section...

Lolo :) said...

CHE--Just saw this--FINALLY. I love this video! I love your non-existent dog! and most importantly--I love you! (you brave little soul you). hahaha