Monday, November 1, 2010

Puppy Party... (a sad story)

So last night i was at Lovely Lolo's house - (lured in by the promise of a delicious taco...and yes it was deeelicious). Lovely Lolo was actually in the process of baking some delicious brownies and cupcake treats for her little Puppy Porter's Birthday Party which was today.

All the dog owners would be gathering for a little puppy-get-together for an hour... Laura suggested i stay and help with the baking. (haha. don't worry, I just read the recipe out loud... {and obviously added a few extra cups of chocolate chips and cocoa powder here and there - [no wonder my cooking never works out...] } )

By the end of our mixing, the batter smelt like this:
now, after being introduced to this delicious-ness, there is absolutely no way I was missing out on that puppy-parade. So whilst The brownies and cupcakes were getting even-more-amazing in the oven, Che devised a plan:
That's right. MAKE. YOUR. OWN. PUPPY.
Step One: you will need plastic bags, brown bags, heavy-duty-extra-sticky-tape and some imagination.
Step Two: tape the bags up with the tape. make it like a puppy shape... you know.
Step Three: Get some more plastic bags and twist them into puppy leg shapes. You will need four of these. Since puppies generally have four legs. generally.
make sure the legs are about the same size. (obviously)
Step Four: Give your puppy a collar and name. You would hate for your puppy to run off and get lost.
Step Five: Give your puppy ears, so that if it does get lost you can just call for it and it will hear you and come back.
Step Six: Puppy face and... VOILA!

(also - my mom and dad phoned mid-way through this process.

mom: what are you doing?
me: oh... um.... nothing.
dad: but what are you doing.. it sounds like you are ripping up stuff?
me: i'm making a puppy.
mom: what?
me: i'm making a puppy.
dad-to-mom: wow. where did we get this one?)

Now, I planned my entire day to fit in the puppy party from 1 - 2pm. First photographing stuff for my Etsy calendar, then mini-room tidy, then nice run to the gym to send a little good-luck-to-the-brother-for-exams-card and then took a shower after my run 12:40pm - plenty of time to spare! 

Bink-bink! skype goes crazy - 
Skype: "Che! where are you?!"
me: "i'm coming to the puppy party! with MY PUPPY!"
Skype: "the puppy party is finished. it started at 12"
Skype: "well come over, there are still three dogs here.... and some brownies and cupcakes!"
me very sad... but at least I have a new best friend to help with the pain.

This was the left-overs of the puppy party - and the real reason me and pupps gate-crashed:
(no, not the dog-food, the sneaky blue cupcakes and brownies in the background...)
They were delicious.
and... some of the (lucky) puppies got to make a new friend!
well.. maybe not everyone made friends...

Make THESE delicious brownies. or a puppy.
whichever you feel more comfortable with.


Bobby said...

Bella is gorgeous! Think she's get on grandly with my cat Sushi.

Feeling slightly terrible I didn't make Sushi's birthday as grand as this.

Che said...

don't worry - when im next in south africa i will make Sushi a friend. We shall call her Sashimi.

Dee said...

Che, its no wonder that you hardly sleep...that call to you was at 1.30am ( Korean time ) and Bella was still in the process of development!!! What a pity she missed most of the party, but now you have company!


Keith and Michelle said...

Your cousins are going to love seeing this post - as they are in full swing planning Honey and Rainbow's 1st birthday party!