Monday, November 1, 2010

Domestic Goddess

"it's very funny!"

yes. time to get back to my fairy princess house, where there are magic fairies who do all the cleaning and the pixies take care of the garden roses and there are iced cupcakes to eat everyday with peppermint chocolate tea.

let's never grow up.


CityGirl said...

Che, how do you do your drawings/cartoons...they are just too cute!! Do you use a special program?

Che said...

i use photoshop and a drawing tablet and my own creative juices :)

Werner said...

everything seems ten times more awesome in a cartoon>>>!

Dee said...

Have you learnt nothing from the home front!!!??

Being so creative is LOTS more fun than cleaning and cooking.

Julzy said...

I soooo agree ! I'll join you in neverland

Che Strawberries said...

haha. save me a spot in the housework-less castle.