Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"i have this huge problem"

(don't worry it's probably just hidden in a pile of pink and black right now)
As a reward for being such a grown up and finally taking charge of my financial responsibilities, we decided to go shopping...
You can listen to my answer here ----> tbsefm.seoul.kr
on Wednesday at 4:30pm Korean time (9:30am South African time).

You can listen to Nicole's answer to "How can I get revenge on my enemy without being caught..." same time, same place on Thursday
and Kristi's answer to "How can I be famous in Korea?" on Friday.
Oh Korea. We love you.


Bobby said...

This is hilarious!
It's so nice to meet someone else who random things happen to.

Dee said...

Listened to your advice..think dancing is a better option!

rachel said...