Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yesterday was a joyous day of great celebration... I finally got my beloved iPhone!!! After I left the store I got an international phone call.
"ring ring..."
Me: hello
Phone: hello, this is Steve jobs. I'm just calling to find out how your new iPhone is going.
Me: wow! Well I'm on my way to pick up my credit card from the bank right now and so far I've walked past the bank twice because I've been paying too much attention to iFriend
Phone: we have an app for that you know.. It's called MAPS.
Me: that's not very funny
Phone: he he he
Me: wow mr. Jobs you most certainly sound very south African today...
* * *
yes it was my dad. Such a prankster.
Anyway I am in love with new iFriend! I have already created a US iTunes account courtesy of the 2oceansvibe link on their homepage... And I have bought some lovely lomo style apps! Here is a sample from where I work


Che said...

Clearly I'm still a major noob at this... That pic was supposed to be at the bottom and if anyone asks I'm Cathie Taylor from Texas.

Steve said...

Hi Cathy,
Not bad for a noob...did u draw the cartoon on yr friend too?
Toon App? Don't walk into any lampposts our public liability doesn't extend to that... and dont forget ...keep it death grip! Enjoy