Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A little Giveaway!

YAY! a small pre-Christmas giveaway! You can win a package full of awesome Korean stationery and "things" plus a 2011 Calendar that I designed and printed:
(also available here)
Also in the giveaway package will be a journal-type "trash-book" which I made using odds and ends I've gathered along the way... recycled/up-cycled etc etc. :)
plenty of place for you to store photographs, notes, movie stubs, journaling...

First follow this blog - (by clicking on the link on the right hand side) or like indieBerries on Facebook - (click here) {basically I need a way to contact you for a postal address if you win...}

Then, answer the following "easy" question in the comments section of this post:
How many pairs of earrings, bracelets and rings do I own?
(some earrings)
(some rings - in a fishing tackle box - very handy)
(some bracelets - and for other great uses for a vuvuzela - click here)

(Don't worry I don't know the answer yet either. Next Monday 22nd November - the competition will end and I will do a big count and send a package to the person with the closest answer on Wednesday 24th November)... good luck :)


-TheseJadeDays- said...


you have so many!!

I'm going to go with 278

:) xx

Goodluck me! and good luck you - counting them!!

Che said...

NOT looking forward to counting them.. but i am quite interested myself! :)

Sarah G said...

Now I'm guessing a pair of earrings counts as one right? :)

I'm gonna guess... 211.

P.S. If I win, you'll save a bunch on postage. I'm just saying ;)

Being Brazen said...

I follow you on twitter and have you on my google reader (does that count?)

I am going to say 115 :)

My e-mail is: beingbrazen@gmail.com

Have a rad day.

Mary Wallace said...

I'm going with 140

Rebs said...

great idea...until you want to wear the colourful one in the middle:) He he xxx

FarmGirl said...

Love the calender! Such a cool give away.

Here's my guess:
earrings: wow! No idea...
bracelets: 46
rings: 33

Follower of your blog and on twitter.

Kerry said...

I'm going to guess at 350. I know there ARE LOADS OF TINY ONES!!!!

Little Miss Medic said...

550 all together

*please let me win*


kirst said...

MOUNTAINS! I want that much! Im gonna say 250ish :) Your blog consumes my life and may be the reason I fail my undergrad! Just saying ;)

Jessica Oliver said...

I counted about 127! About the same as me ;)

Hope I win!
Email me: jessica.oliver.work@gmail.com

CurtisH said...

I reckon in total you have about 478 items!

Love your Blog brings a smile to my face each time I get a notification on my BB that you have updated!

Monica Braganca @MonicaBraganca said...

A helluva lot more than me :)

Twiddles said...

I would say roughly 377 in total!!! Question....each day do you put on a new item of jewellery?????? :)

Kate Paterson said...


Ndileka said...

haha tough question che. 244?
you have my details ;)

Nicky Topliss said...

I think you have....

47 bracelets
41 pairs of earrings
39 rings

Love, lvoe the calendar and book!!

Good luck with the counting...

Green said...

I SO want to wine!
My answer is 321 :)

Green said...

oops, i meant i so want to win... but maybe wine isn't such a bad idea.

Lolo :) said...

you don't have to enter me into your giveaway....BUT....I just had to comment that your trash book pics are sooo smokin' HOT! iLOVE :)

Also, my guess is 327.

Dee said...

And you have just about as many back in South Africa!


Anonymous said...

55 bangles
40 rings
100 pairs of earrings
= 195 all together

Love your blog. Greetings from Sunny South Africa.

My email: emma.follett@gmail.com

Tarrah said...

Ooooo what a beautiful collection! I am jealous! :)
I sayyyyy 356!
-PS Thanks for making my gray London mornings so bright and cheery!

Sam said...

Hmmm, I'm gonna go with 142 :) I suddenly feel the urge to go buy lots and lots of awesome vintage jewellery...

Email: ivyelf@gmail.com

Sam x

Jasmine said...

안녕하세요! I miss the Asia goodies!
I taking a wild guess so it going to be 130!
Addie: apple.and.dots@gmail.com

Nav said...

hmm I am going to say 415 all together :)

slap them hoes said...

hmm. altogether, i am going to go with ... 516. i'm afraid i'm guessing high, but your collection is even more extensive than mine, and mine is pretty hectic. yay for che and all her pretty things!

Victoria said...

Cheul my friend.. I'm guessing 207. My address is 94, 13th Street, Parkhurst, 2193, South Africa. The photos of Cal and Brett for the save-the-date are lovely.. Will send them ovr as soon as I can. Love you X

jaxi said...

IndieB! you just gave me the greatest idea! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

thats quite a collection you have!
i'm randomly going with 313.
(seen as though 13 is my lucky number!)
your blog always makes me smile :)
Jacci x
email: hall@kingsley.co.za