Monday, November 15, 2010

Picture Perfect

So the other day I tried to upload a picture for todays blogpost and I got the following message:
"Excuse me indieBerries you have exceeded your 1GB free storage limit. Please upgrade to a Picasa Premium Membership. Have a good day."
So, when you upload pictures to blogger it stores them in a Picasa web album and now my Picasa web album is over it's free storage limit. (really nice of them to give me such ample warning). Ok, I'll upgrade my Picasa web album for $5 a year to get 20 more gigabytes... "I'll just use my newly -re-acquired credit card details"
* * *
Picasa: I'm sorry, this credit card is not registered.

(insert picture of che looking very confused)

Me very confused. I just got this credit card. Straight from the bank.
* re-enters details*

Picasa: I'm sorry, this credit card is not registered.

(insert picture of che getting annoyed)

Che phones auto-voice-teller-bank.
Bank: Click 4 to register this card.
*clicks 4 *
Bank: I'm sorry, this card is already registered.
Me: what? but... picasa... what?...

Why does the world hate me?
(this picture was already saved in the Picasa web album. used in this post)

Let's hope we fix this soon...


H.G. said...

Lets hope your Picasaa issue resolves soon...
Just visited your blog and I'm in love with it...its so appealing and interesting..

Anonymous said...

Hello, you site is very funny he told me to cheer up .. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Good sait, its very interesting//

Anonymous said...

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