Sunday, November 28, 2010

7 things

Seven things I've learnt this week:
  1. Marshmallows and carrots make an exceptionally good combination. you should try it.
  2. People are generally most thankful for family and friends and people. this is truly reassuring for mankind.
  3. If you need a new excuse for not getting out of bed when the alarm goes off, feel free to use one of the excuses I learned this week:
    * It's cold.
    * I went to bed very late.
    * Maybe i will start the 'getting out of bed early' thing on a Monday.
    * My snooze button feels sad if i don't hit it.
    * just... meh...
    * It's very dark. (my newest latest favourite)
  4. Dedicated and involved parents make the world of difference to children in the classroom.
  5. Putting just the smallest amount of effort into things often yields very good results.
  6. South Park actually started out with the animators cutting out pieces of cardboard and photographing each scene.
  7. Cheese cake, pumpkin cake, chocolate, coffee and pumpkin pie are all very delicious. simultaneously.

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