Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Epic earring count...

So... Last night I did an epic earring count to determine the winners of the fun giveaway. There is quite a story behind this and there will be a cartoon to follow-just right now my Internet decided to die (that's unfortunate) lucky I have iFriend.

I would like to inform the interweb-world that I have a total of 137 bracelets, 128 earrings and 43 rings which makes a grand total of 308. (I also have 4 watches, 3 nose rings and 1 toe ring if anyone is curious) Anyway the winner of the fun giveaway is Jacci from Cape Town who guessed 313. Second place goes to Jade from the blog Kiss This Twice
Here is a sneak peak of what they will be getting...

Congrats y'all and thanks for entering :)

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Anonymous said...

I'll be watching my postbox.
Jacci x