Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm so crafty at midnight...

I have a bunch of extra "supplies" (read trash) just hanging around my apartment. I also have a "partiality" (read addiction) to cereal. I also have a "small" supply of "vintage" (read just plain old) magazines...
Put them all together at midnight and you have a crafty-cereal-box-magazine/trash-supplies holder!! Let me show you how:

Step one: obtain empty cereal box. If you don't have one of those.... Well let's just say it's unlikely that we'll ever be friends. On the other hand I do have a few "couple" (read fifty) extra that I can offer.

Step two: cut a "flappy" (read angled and then straight) shape in the cereal box. Just like this:

Wow it's so easy. Especially considering it's midnight and most normal people are probably sleeping.
Step three: Find a "vintage" (read old) magazine and find a cool advert or picture you like. I am limited since I only have magazines sent to me by dear mumsy and aunt - I tend not to buy korean magazines since it's all "annyang, kamsahamnida, pigoney, nampion-chotgo-iseyo, suel-sajuseyo" (read hello, thank you. I'm tired, I'm looking for a husband, buy me a drink) as you can tell my korean is pretty limited hence not buying Korean magazines which I clearly will not understand. Anyway, I digress, back to cereal boxes. I decided to stick with black and white magazine pictures. Usually perfume adverts are pretty good.
Step four: find good perfume add and then rub advert all over your body. You don't want to waste the free magazine sample. Like so:

Step five: use glue to cover the cereal box with the magazine. You may even try talking to the cereal box in a sexy way if you think it might be attracted to your new scent.

Good idea: use glue to stick.

(yeah, see the way she's looking at me. It's the scent, I told you.)

Step six: Next you can cover the box with black and white tape (if you live in Korea and have access to awesome black and white tape.) If not, I'm sure you could use black bags or black paper... Just cover the whole box. Or not. Whatever works for you.

This is the back side. Note the awesome black and white tape.

Step seven: this is the bonus optional extra awesome step. If you have made it this far without killing yourself or the box sexually-harassing you, you have done well and you may attempt awesome additional step seven. Depending on the use of your "MAGCOREAL BOX" (read magazine-covered-cereal-box) you may want a smaller pocket (to hold smaller things.... obviously.) (did you really make it to step seven?) anyway I will be using my MAGCOREAL BOX to hold papers and cards and embellishment type things, so I would like the smaller pocket (for smaller things). If you're making the MAGCOREAL BOX to hold magazines or files or something then you don't need the smaller pocket (for smaller things).

Fold a piece of magazine in half and tape it onto the inside of MAGCOREAL BOX. then you can use it for smaller things so that they don't get lost all the way at the bottom.

Step eight: cover the entire box with clear box tape... The big thick sticky-tape kind. This will protect it and make it shiny. THEN... fill your box with all your treasures...

the end me and the box are now off to bed. But don't tell the magazine.


Dee said...

You need to sleep at some stage! But you are SO creative. Will continue to send you mags with words you can understand...and will make sure the free samples are still intact...!

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