Sunday, November 7, 2010

7 things

  1. If you are sick, it will only get worse if you continue to go to gym. just take a break.
  2. If you really need to gate-crash a puppy party - you can always make your own dog.
  3. Sometimes you have to learn to say NO.
  4. Cleaning out your junk drawer is cathartic.
  5. Your state of body most definitely influences your state of mind.
  6. One step towards reaching your dreams is to know and accept your limitations.
  7. English is a strange language. We have phrases like "keep your ear to the ground" "a cut above the rest" "a different kettle of fish" and "a bed of roses" oh poor ESL students... sigh..

1 comment :

Dee said...

All so true.
Hope you are feeling a bit better.