Monday, June 27, 2011


I work in Korea teaching english at an English Theme Park  called "English Village". The concept of English Village is to create the experience of a foreign country where guests can come in for the day and practice their english in a role-play type environment. (We also have week-long and month-long programmes where students come in and stay at English Village like a school camp.)

The entire theme park is created to look like a real village complete with a 'post-office', 'police-station', 'bank', 'travel agency' and 'clinic' where we do role-play classes. Our other lessons include t-shirt painting, cooking classes, toy making,  lego workshops, creative/craft workshops, ceramic workshops, music classes and cheese making. (yes, cheese making.)

Apart from the teachers at English Village we have a company of talented "edutainers" (that's the cool word for educating+entertaining). They are theatre trained and produce ESL musicals which are performed in the concert hall. The Edutainers also create game shows and outdoor entertainment for the English Village guests. The fabulous Blake Pfeil has created a documentary to show potential Edutainer Applicants what it's like to be an Edutainer. I helped out a little with some artwork. :)

If you're interested - here it is:

Want to be an Edutainer?

Come join me...

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