Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Epic Cereal Conundrum.


(5 mugs of cereal consumption is infinitely better than 1 mug)

The cereal is now finished.
There is no picture for this because there is nothing to draw. 
The cereal is now finished. Remember?

(i'm very brilliant with ideas)

(look at me and my good idea)

(also my dog ran away. "depression eating")

The cereal is now finished.

(can you see where this is going?)

Have cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner.

1 comment :

HappyEarthling said...

Oh Che!
How I love thee!
In high school, I used to speed home from school STARVING, run up the driveway, crash through the door, push past my mom, and fall into that same cycle -- usually out of a mug, no less! -- for about half an hour, only freed from it when my mom or dad would herd me out of the kitchen to set the table because dinner was 5 minutes away. :)