Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just because you're 25...

I received some lovely red roses from my family on my birthday:
Dom is my neighbour:

(It's true. You should cut your flowers)

Remember, just because you are older it does not necessarily mean you are wiser.


Maddieb221 said...

hey i'm from 31dbbb. I just want to say really liked your elevator pitch it fits your blog.

DoodleMouse said...

Ahahahahaha! and Kekekekeke!
Sorry if I had a smug face.
I love your blog!
Sorry 'bout the scissors.

ARS said...

maybe not wiser, but stronger than plastic! that's something! (not stronger than flowers, though.)

Blake said...

haha you taking the lazy option and it serves you right for not doing it properly, i hope that when you did eventually cut those flowers one at a time and in the proper V-cut

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