Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Snapshots from my Happy Birthday

From a fabulous Photobooth session. A new era in fun!

The money shot.

This is COSMOPOLITAM. BAM. cosmopoliTAM.

We tried to keep Kristi away from the soju, but we couldn't. And then she grew furry hairballs out her head.

It's raining... (of course it had to rain on my birthday!) and also I would just like to point out that my glasses match my dress. I'm fancy like that.
(Later, we performed Lasik surgery on Nicole to remove the umbrella from her eyeball. And, she nursed herself back to health.)

This is the "alien" shot. (But Dom is from another species altogether.)

(I am quite a little creep.)

At this point, I would like to state out that Laura has made several wardrobe changes. She really did try very hard to blend in with the background.

We tried to be sexy. And then we realised that the frame was 'jack-in-the-boxes'. And now it's just weird.

Outside the Hello Kitty Cafe:
"Tea, like friendship, should be offered straight, fresh and warm."

Some Polaroids from the Hello Kitty Cafe:

Kristi sneakily put Hello Kitty Frames into my polaroid camera...

yum - outside decor!

(only in Korea!)

Yummy waffles and mango smoothies... and Hello Kitty Cinnamon powder ...

...and there's me devouring it!

Some roses in a (beautiful?) gold box and a teddy from my family all the way in South Africa!

Lovely gifts, treats and birthday cards.

Thank you, I had a fabulous day!


DoodleMouse said...

I lovey love them. :)

HappyEarthling said...

And I lovey love all of you girls!
Next time we go photoboothing, let's all wear green, so we can blend in with every shot!!!