Monday, November 14, 2011


I snapped these pics the other day while I was waiting at the bus stop outside of English Village - where I work. The whole Village is made to look like a castle - so it looks very sleeping-beauty/fantasy-like with all the autumn creepers all over the walls.
It was so beautiful and the colours were so amazing
and then...


1 x old pizza slice.
bet you weren't expecting that.
yeah, me neither.

The photo templates in the above post are from Katrina at Pugly Pixel. Katrina has a great way for readers to show their appreciation - you can "donate her a cup of coffee" via paypal. i like :)


Louisa Fisher said...

As an ex UK village dweller I think they're just trying to be authentic in their recreation of an English Village, Saturday morning after the night before. For full authenticity they should add some kebab and a drunken lass, passed out under a lampost.

Laura Bostwick said...

wow--EV looks so beautiful in pictures! completely surprised by the pizza in the grass.  just saying. :)

Bailey Schneider said...

Wow... that looks magical AND you get snacks if you're REALLY hungry.
They think of everything :P

Che Kershaw said...

NOTED. will inform the authorities. lol :)

Che Kershaw said...

they really DO think of it ALL. roadside snack to boot.