Thursday, November 3, 2011


I bet you read this post title as "reading" - that thing you do with a book. Oh so tricksy - this post is about "Reading" said "redding"and the Reading Music Fest that we jammed to when I was in London. All the pics I took there were on the yellow slim peace camera given to me by Dom for my birthday. There is a huge trend on the go for making digital prints look analogue with vignetting, light flares and bokeh effects - Hipstamatic iPhone app, Instagram, Picture Show and of course photoshop and the thousands of actions you can find and create to make your pictures so 'cool and vintage'. I say "AWESOME!" and I say "EVEN MORE AWESOME!" to just get a camera that does it for you.

Here are some Analogue shots of the Reading Music Festival. (Some completely unedited pics and some I played around with in photoshop - because I can't help myself. ha.)
General Festival vibe - at the alternative stage with some cool light flare going on. Above picture completely unedited.
I took the same picture and wanted to really play around with the light flare to make a different vibe in the photo and change the focus of the pic - I played around with some adjustment layers and the cyan levels in this pic and then used a linear burn blend mode. Although there is quite a bit of detail lost in the foreground - I really like the tunnel effect that the flare creates.
Two door Cinema club. (awesome. they were my favourite.) Above pic is completely unedited -  black and white film - (ISO 200)
Some slight colour adjustments playing in the red channel.
General Festival Vibe - people and snack tents and good weather and "wellies" - essential.
(Pic unedited.)
I wanted to make a super old school vibe - so I altered some of the levels in photoshop - mainly greens and reds. I also added an orange fill layer and set it to a multiply blend mode.
One of my favourite pics cause of the cool light flare (unedited).
Also, side note: Australians are awesome to party with. lol.
oh yeah, that's just me: being awesome.
Original pic (unedited). 

Tweaked the red levels to make a pinky sky. And also, there was an awesome beautiful rainbow on the Saturday. Or maybe I made that up.
anywhoo - no problem, I added it.

The line-up. Too much of awesome.


awesome vibe. awesome crowd. awesome music.


Weezafish said...

Nice Pic! As an ex uk-dwelling Festival Fan, I can appreciate and I'm a tad jealous. Have you ever been to Glastonbury? Double aweome!

Tsholofelo Mpuru said...

awesome pics!!!

and that line-up! sheesh!

Che Kershaw said...

you probably SHOULD be jealous! it was incrediballs! such a killer line up! haven't been to glastonbury  but im super keen to go :)

Che Kershaw said...


Dominique Warr said...

That line up makes me want to cry. And move to England.

Bailey Schneider said...

Love the pics... Aw man ... I'm really dying to do more photography!
LOVE!! said...

I used to work near Reading when I lived in the UK and ALWAYS wanted to go to the festival but never got around to it. BOO!

Wazza said...

We rocked Reading didn't we! We were awesome & your pictures show it :)

Che Kershaw said...

that was an epic fail!! :( it was SO awesome! i hope you find one in the big USA to hit up instead! :)

Che Kershaw said...

i feel like i probably did cry at one point. i can't be sure.

Sam said...

Awesome camera & pics - what film do you use for the camera?

Che Kershaw said...

I used a 35mm ISO 200 colour film for the one - and then an old black and white 35mm film that was a discounted price because it was so old they weren't sure if it was going to work and it did! yay! 

Che Kershaw said...

we most certainly did mr wazza d :)