Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Golden Oldies

For those new indieBerries readers and others who may have missed these ones... 
here is a quick recap of some golden oldie cartoons :)


the one with the HAIR FAIL.


The one with the DOMESTIC GODDESS.


The one with THE MOVIE SNACKS.


The one with BEING A STUDENT
The one with the FLIGHT OF DEATH.

The one with THE SMARTIES

Currently dealing with epic room-pack-up mission. I have 5 working days left at my job and then I head off to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos on a backpacking adventure. In my three and a half years of living in South Korea I have "curated" an entire collection of "gems". I have attempted to start sorting these gems but I keep getting distracted, "Oh! look at this envelope. What a memory!" (sits on couch for twenty minutes recounting memory in head)"; "Packing. bleh. internet is MORE FUN!!" etc. I have however found some very interesting little 'bits n bobs' around my apartment which I can't wait to share with you. lol. 


saffakate.blogspot.com said...

Loved looking through these. Especially The one with The Smarties! Im seriously taking 1 whole empty suitcase back to SA next month to fill up with with biltong, smarties, astros, tempo, milo, pronutro, ghost pops, nik naks, chutney seasoning... I could go on, but I feel obese already.

Louisa Fisher said...

I'm so the same with packing - don't pass me an old box of photos and papers to pack, I'll be there all day cooing "oo, remember that ..". Good luck with it all, love that you're having adventures.

Janine van Staden said...

i loved all of these posts! good luck with the packing! :)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

You lucky lucky Feesh!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha. EXACTLY... as you can tell i am currently "packing" whilst sitting in front of my computer... on the internet. good work self.

Melissa Gardiner said...

Hahaha - love all these cartoons! My favourite has to be the highlights!:) Happy packing!

Plum said...

your backpacking trip sounds amazing! looking forward to the posts after that :-) good luck with the distraction-packing attempt.