Sunday, April 15, 2012

love story continues...

If you've missed the story so far - best you catch up here with PART ONE and PART TWO

Once we had passed the extremely tiresome "day-after-getting-engaged" we headed off to Moorcroft Manor where the Warra had booked us to stay for the night - before he had to go back to London Town. On the road - we stopped off at a little stream in the mountainside to have a glug of water straight from Mother Nature -
Since it was a beaut of a day, we (read Warren) decided it would be awesome to pack a picnic and take it down to the river in the Cobham National Park. We had fab picnic treats including cracked-black-pepper crackers and black pepper encrusted cheese, hams, lindt chocolates and champagne.

Me: Did you bring the glasses from the room?
The Warr: No. i thought you did.
Me: No, i didn't
TW: Well, that's awesome, how are we going to drink this?
Me: ...from the bottle, like in the good ol' days!
TW: The good ol' days?
Me: Yeah, we're classy like that.

At least we had pretty scenery to look at:

Photobucket Photobucket

As you can tell from the previous post, it's very overwhelming to be so engaged so surprisedly - so I needed to take a beauty-nap when we got back to Moorcroft Manor. Luckily I have a very wonderful man, who woke me up right in time for a gorgeous sunset over the mountain, with a chilled bottle of wine waiting for us on the patio.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
The Warr makes the real version romantic too - he killed all the mosquitos with his bare-insect-slaying-arms and let me borrow his shoes so that my bare-feet wouldn't freeze on the frostbite grass. What a guy.

On our way back to Hilton, we stopped off at Michaelhouse, our Wedding Chapel (pre-booked by Warr, the Michaelhouse Old-Boy) and we climbed up to the top of the Bell Tower.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I wasn't scared. Not even a little bit. Not even when there was suddenly no more hand-rail and very rusty ladder rungs. Nope. Not even a little scared. Im so brave. We stopped off at two possible wedding venues and then slowly made our way back through the Midlands Meander to Hilton - before my new fiance had to fly back to London. boo hoo and wailing-sobbing-sob!

But soon I shall be off to London town to bombard aforementioned fiance with pinterest boards, colour schemes and seating plans. VIVA! :) A VERY Good Friday and an awesome Easter Weekend indeed! (The giant white fluffy Easter Bunny came? Oh, I didn't notice) :)

*  * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Warren

I love your patience (that whenever I try to watch a rugby match with you, you have to explain it to me again and again). I love your spontaneity (pop over to South Africa for the weekend?... yeah, ok). I love your loyalty and commitment, I love how I can talk to you about anything (yeah, that thing we talked about.... that). I love how you make time for me and reply to my emails and messages while you are at work (even though I know its very stressful and hectic and you don't really have the time to be indulging my draw-somethings). I love your kindness and generosity (you really didn't need to buy my parents every single type of chutney and preserve on the Midlands - they love you already.... and generosity for the massive bling - [thank you!!]), I love your cooking skills (because we all know what a fab chef I am), I LOVE what a gentleman you are. I love how much effort you put into anything to make me happy (I am now expecting a weekly sewn-outfit from you and your good stitch-technique). I love that we are about to embark on building a new life together. I love that you will happily deal with spiders, frogs and other revolting creep-things for me (even though you (and guys in general) probably would prefer not to), I love how you listen (especially when i repeat the same story several times), I love how you laugh at my jokes (even when they are not that funny). I love how you've had so much faith in me (over all these long years). I love how you put a positive spin on everything ("Oh this pimple on my forehead is REVOLTING!" "No problem, just grow it in the middle next time and you can be my unicorn"). I love that you are the perfect height for me. I love the cheeseball lines you throw at me (no, i really can't write any down here... the shame). I love your humour ("EVERYBODY! Come see how engaged i am!"  - apologies Ron Burgundy). I love that you are a man with a plan (every girl loves one of those). I love staying awake with you. I love how good you look in a white shirt (you have about a thousand). I love holding your hand.

I can't wait for all the years to come
I love you

*  * * * * * * * * * *

Now, who'd like to sponsor us a wedding?! :)


Weezafish said...

Aw Che, so happy for you. Go be all romantic you two, cheers to your future.

Mo'sultry Van Wyk said...

Lol @"Oh this pimple on my forehead is REVOLTING!" "No problem, just grow it in the middle next time and you can be my unicorn"... Just too cute. Yol are blessed :-)

Rooikat said...

Michaelhouse is my most fav school in the Midlands and I go often to just take photos and walk around the grounds. The chapel is beautiful. And I've climbed to the top a few times! GREEEAT view! Such a great place! Congrats again! 

Phumi said...

I also studied in PMB area and have always eyed out the midlands meander for a wedding because it holds a dear place in my heart. happy venue scouting and congrats again. out of all the event you will plan in your life -this is probably your ultimate, so have a blast...

Bevjohnston7 said...

Hi Che , Congratulations to you and Warren. So happy for you (and mom and dad !!) Those Koreans were a bit short ..and knew nothing about rugby!! Caitlin and I have avidly been reading your engagement blog -we have laughed and cried -what a heart warming story. Thank you ! Love Bev xx

The Warr said...

Dear Che,

So special, thank you!!!

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life making you as insanely happy as you make me :) Pimple or no pimple, you will always be my unicorn.

I love you

Robz said...

Hey Che. Holy I love your blog. Only stumbled upon it now. Wanted to say congrats and ALSO - my boyfriend (both of us here at Rhodes too) is also an MHS old boy and he lives there so when I visit that clock tower is our hang out :) I used to be scared too :p I wish you the best life ahead with Warren! xxx

Jen said...

Congratulations Che! :) What fantastic news! Hope you have an amazing life with your man.  P.s. Love your blog!x

Che Strawberries said...

thank you so much Bev - we're looking forward to the wedding planning! eeeep!!! :)

Che Strawberries said...

rhodent and michaelhouse boy! you've got yourself a winner! come hang out at the clock tower with us!! woohoo! thank you for the comment :)

Che Strawberries said...

hahaha :) he EVEN loves my pimples. :)