Monday, October 4, 2010

day of great indulgence...

Day of great indulgence began with a trip to ButterFingers Pancakes in Gangnam
I love all the wall art and decor.
Blake's incredible burger and my MONSTER breakfast.
(Blake and Marvelyn are developing a web-series...hopefully to be released in the next couple of months - i have a feeling it's going to be hilarious...stay tuned...)
Next went down the street and bought some unnecessary stationery and onward to the apple store to buy an iphone!

SCENE 1: (in the apple store)
Che: hello. do you have the iphone 4?
Apple man: yes.
Che: YIPPEEE!!! how much is it?
Apple man: nine-hundred-and-sixty-seven-thousand won
(bearing in mind, i have been on the prowl for an iphone for approximately 4months now and have tried purchasing one in three different countries...)
Che: PERFECT! Please could I get one? YAY!!! YAY!!!
Apple man: um. foreigner = no.
Che: huh? what? I'm willing to drop a serious amount of cash for this phone. and you won't let me buy it?
i don't get it.

(anyway some foreigner contract yadda yadda thing. will try tomorrow at the network place)

 next we ventured off to go and get massages in Itaewan at SpaDay - a lovely little piece of heaven. They couldn't do massages for us until a little later so we decided to get a glass of wine and have a drink outside while we waited. only. it wasn't a glass, it was a box. and there were straws involved. and we were outside a family mart. (we're classy like that)
note my lovely hearty-ring! i love.
Nicole: WAIT!! WAIT!! GUYS!! this picture would look MUCH better in sepia.
ok nicole:
yes, you were right ;)


just kidding (kind of.. haha the massage was UBER relaxing!!) thank-you to the lovely ladies who gave me a Spa Day Voucher for my birthday. You are wonderful x

* have an indulgent day! *


Chantel said...

wahahhaha! Hilarious! Loved this! ;-)

Juliana Negrelli said...

hahahaha I loved it!
It's always like this with me, thinking and thinking about anything, just like when you're going to sleep "I have to sleep, tomorrow I have to weak up early" and never can sleep right away --'

Kaloo said...

Dudes never have that problem.
We're usually the ones going "Thank God I didn't shave my legs, else she would be exfoliating her hands right now!"

On another note...
I wish I could draw :(
I really do.
Your drawings are awesome, and you make them look so easy.
10 points and a Noddy badge.

Che said...

thanks for the noddy badge. much appreciated! :)

Jaxi said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! *wipes tear of laughter... *sigh.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Kerry said...

Bahahahahahaha! Che you crack me up EVERYtime!!! hehehehehehe!

Being Brazen said...


mjw said...

Great post! Made me giggle too loudly in the office.