Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paper Cranes

So Laura taught me how to make paper cranes the other day. and i practised and practised until i got it right. Here they are:
and here he has a friend. sweet.
I decided to write Laura a thank you note. and fold it into a crane shape.
actually the crane above is my little thank you note.
it reads something like this:
The moment of realisation:
The wedding:
(so dashingly beautiful)
Our modest house on the beach:
Small section of my craft studio which has every supply in every colour imaginable.
(also i don't have to work again. EVER. I can just do crafty fun things all the time. And i get money for doing it. and someone bringing me toasted cheese sandwiches whenever i want.   Went. is such a good hubby.)

If you want to live a glamourous lifestyle such as mine, I suggest you learn how to fold a paper crane, then you can snag yourself a perfect husband and a perfect life.

but don't get any fancy ideas... 
Wentworth is TAKEN.


Kerry said...

Oh to be in your world!!! ROFL

marcelle said...

I love this! Thanks :) :)

Lolo :) said...

that craft studio is WAY TOO SMALL! Where will you put all of your stuff? Maybe Wenty will build you your own craft HOUSE(!). Dream big or go home. Or go back to your craft dresser. That's what I always say. ^^

Che said...

YES. my own craft HOUSE. why didn't i think of that? Wenty would do that for me FOR SURE! he loves me.

Maxi said...

I've had a crush on that guy since I was old enough to know what a crush is! <3 your paper-crane-wenty-life sounds perfect. :)